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  1. I guess you will get more answers if you try to post in english. The German forum can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/676-football-manager-german-language-discussion/
  2. Yes, this is clearly offside, because the players are blocking the goalkeepers line of sight. Check the wikipedia article I linked above: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offside_(association_football)#Offside_offence Nice goals in your linked video, but what are you trying to tell us with it? Both goals are valid. In both scenes one player is in an offside position but is not involved in active play, so it's not an offside offence.
  3. At the moment your player shots at the goal, 3 of your other players are in offside positions in front of the goal. That's the reason for the goal not being given. This is not a bug. It's simple football rules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offside_(association_football)
  4. Still the same with hotfix 20.2.1. Please log and review this problem!
  5. Unfortunately nothing changed with hotfix 20.2.1. Same game-breaking bugs.
  6. You're welcome. Thanks for reviewing this. Just trying to make a great game even better!
  7. Welcome to the club. In this forum reported issues should have a pkm attached. I am personally waiting for the next patch until I fire up my savegame again. All those blocked flanks and shots are the worst for me.
  8. I have that ball-tapping sound multiple times in every match. It seems to be random. The crowd sound cutoff also happenes from to time time in my games.
  9. I unfortunately also have to wait until the current match engine is fixed. Something is incredibly wrong here. I posted some random block shot examples from my save here:
  10. In my games, 80% of all shots and flanks on both sides in my games are blocked by an opponent player which seems to be invisible for the shooting or flanking player. This has definitely not been the case before. There is no game flow anymore now. There are nearly no flanks out of a run. All the time player stop, look, and shoot into opponents. They're not even trying to shoot past the opponents anymore. Lot's of fun to watch... not! My guys are better now to flank to opponents instead of own players. Last patch really killed my fun on this game! It was more fun to see wingers penetrate the outer nets, than to see that nothing is working anymore now and your players play like childs now if you have an average team against teams with nearly the same rating. Most of the scenes look artificial and cheaty now, only to prevent that you score 30 of your 30 chances. So often shots the one goal in the last minutes (with max 3 tries) to have a realistic result. But honestly I'd like to have a realistic simulation, where your tactical decisions have an impact, like it impressively has been before. Every some minutes one players kicks the ball into an opponent, even if he was standing there for 3 seconds. Something definitely broke with the last patch. Broken like those horrible tap-tap-tap-tap-rap sound bugs that occur all the time. Now the players are able to find the goal (and prevent the outer net) but not to shoot past their opponents anymore? It's really not fun anymore with a team that came from 2nd division but an average rating for the first division now. 1 on 1 situation shall have been patched? My best strikers didn't score one of them yet, even if they have 3 anti-goalkeeper traits, not before the patch and not after! Please don't balance the match engine only for having fun with prime clubs. Edit: I am adding a video of some random examples of one match, so you know what I am talking about. Last 20 seconds are mosts fun! VfL Wolfsburg – Hannover 96.pkm
  11. Same for me. And the opponent needs one chance to score and win! :-/ And all players are shooting into their opponents like they can't see them in 1m distance all the time (shots and flanks).
  12. My recent matches with 20.2 feel like my player's aren't able to play real football anymore. Possibly it's just because most of them are just average players but I won the second German division with them and now they just suck. Things I am wondering about: - Main concern: Players kick the ball into opponents all the time, like the opponent players are invisible to them. Often 30 times and more in a match, while trying to flank or shoot, on both sides. They often stop, look, then shoot into opponents 1m in front of them. There is not much fluid movement like flanking or shooting out of a run anymore. Everything is blocked. Same for the opponent. In reality player's would try to run free or pass back if they just don't get a free sight. Not stop the ball, have a look and shoot into opponents! It's super annoying and unrealistic in the current version. - Players often pass and flank into empty room, or they flank to opponents. - Player nearly never pass to a free friend to the side, where an unmarked friend is waiting or running in front of the opponent's goal to just easily kick in. They try to shoot for themselves and fail. Not onto the outer net so often anymore since the patch, but often stopping and then shooting into a blocking opponent. No real player would do that. - Headers all go into the sky, even if they have 15+ header skill. - It sometimes looks like your players react late or seem to be slowed down intentionally to not get the ball in defensive situations. - You have 20-30 chances and get no goals, the opponent has 1-3 chances and hits. Feels pretty cheaty. I'll attach one example match. It's possible it just got worse with the higher league because they have average stats, but somehow it feels like it went bad with the latest patch. I tried different tactics, players and position/roles/duties, but all in all it looks like and U16 team is playing here. Hannover 96 – Borussia Mönchengladbach.pkm
  13. I found a bug here: First time opening the player analysis with position-heatmaps selected last time. switching to anything else via the drop down and switching back, player list is empty. Can you forward this to the UI bug tracker please? Thanks. Edit: This bug does only occur after a match has finished and you reload it by clicking on the result in your calendar. It's not bugged, if you use that menu hwile the match is running (analysis in halftime e.g.).
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