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  1. I agree with you, guys. I think the quality standard should be to try to have a simulation as close as possible to reality, which means real player's behaviour and realistic results at the same time (which is of course extremely complex and hard to achieve).
  2. Nice scene! ;D Btw your ads are broken somehow...
  3. I believe I tried that, but it starts jumping to the next highlight at some point IIRC.
  4. Thanks for you tips. I didn't know skins can make that possible. I found one who has it. But honestly, all solutions you mentioned feel a bit like workarounds. I believe this should be a core feature.
  5. Since I didn't find an option for this, I suggest an option to auto resolve own team's games without having to watch them. Like it is automatically resolved for other teams and divisions (and even your second and youngster team), but you have the option to watch the highlights or the whole match retrospectively, if you want to. Sometimes, this would be great to be possible for your own team's matches.
  6. Hey guys, possibly I'm just blind but I think there is no option to watch recorded matches in full length, like you can when watrching the game live. You can configure what kind of highlights you want to see, extended, only goals, etc. But there should be an option: "watch full match", without any jumpings to the next highlight, if the match is past and you wanna watch it again by clicking on a result or by loading a saved .pkm. For instance, this would help to analyzing your player's movement also between highlights.
  7. Ok, here we go: 2:47 Allan (standing) 9:00 Gerhardt (s) 12:54 Karamoh (running) 14:22 Maina (s) 25:14 Gosens (s) 39:57 Ostrzolek (s) 44:58 Ostrzolek (r) 45:42 Karamoh (s) 46:13 Nathan (standing, shot, realistic) 46:15 Allan (running, shot) 46:20 Jung (standing) 51:40 Jung (r) 58:42 Jung (r) 73:08 Allan (s) 77:34 Jung (r) 89:37 Ostrzolek (r) The bold ones are the most extreme examples I was able to find. It's all from the one game linked above and I'm sure I didn't find every scene. But it's like this in every of my games since patch 20.2.0 and this is unbearable for me now. I am totally ok with a realistic amount of blocked shots, failed crosses and failed shots on goal. But right now it's just crazy in my games and standing players aim for seconds and shot into players who have been 1m away in front of them for the whole time. Additionally there is often at least one friendly player available for a pass nearby, or other good options, but as you can see, the player's decision is as described above too often. I REALLY hope this helps to track down this issue! If you need more examples or information don't hesitate to ask! Cheers!
  8. I guess you will get more answers if you try to post in english. The German forum can be found here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/676-football-manager-german-language-discussion/
  9. Yes, this is clearly offside, because the players are blocking the goalkeepers line of sight. Check the wikipedia article I linked above: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offside_(association_football)#Offside_offence Nice goals in your linked video, but what are you trying to tell us with it? Both goals are valid. In both scenes one player is in an offside position but is not involved in active play, so it's not an offside offence.
  10. At the moment your player shots at the goal, 3 of your other players are in offside positions in front of the goal. That's the reason for the goal not being given. This is not a bug. It's simple football rules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offside_(association_football)
  11. You're welcome. Thanks for reviewing this. Just trying to make a great game even better!
  12. I have that ball-tapping sound multiple times in every match. It seems to be random. The crowd sound cutoff also happens from time to time in my games.
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