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  1. I'm talking about the rule that allows them so I can use them in-game.
  2. Specifically looking to add or remove the sell on fee you can give to players. Is this possible. I cannot find it.
  3. What's the point in hiding PA stars when you have no other access to a player's potential? Attributes and personality I understand as you can still use the game to figure these things out.
  4. I usually play with attribute masking off so spectating games never made sense to me. Wanted to go for a slower more realistic save this year and had this thought. It definitely SHOULD be a thing, but it also feels like the sorta oversight SI would make, so figured I'd ask if this is a thing. I mean, why in the world wouldn't the manager be able to scout a player personally?
  5. Or can only scouts do it? I mean of specific players, not your manager's attribute.
  6. Wage bill to turnover ratio is literally the topic of the conversation. Keep your strawmans and insults out. I'm not gonna spoon feed you.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/22/premier-league-finances-club-guide-2017-18-accounts-manchester-united-city Not a single club is operating with a higher wage bill than turnover. Most around 60%, some better some worse. By throwing £3 million at the lowest end of my weekly wage (up to 4m if I adjust the budgets) and the player demands increasing as a result, the game is pushing me to operate at 200% my turnover. I would have to win Champions League and sell players for around 50m every season to sustain such a wage budget. While that is possible in FM, I don't think a highl
  8. The club gives me 540 million it does not have and have no means of generating, and you think of this as available funds that should dictate player demands. Regardless, it's not relevant to the thread.
  9. At least read the post if you're gonna comment or you'll just be contributing nothing.
  10. Anyone know how to prevent this from happening? Either by fixing it now or over time? I always run into this issue where my transfer budget never gets lowered when the balance does from things like new stadium, facilities upgrades etc. This creates a problem where the transfer budget and more specifically the wage budget is way bigger than my spend, which makes players unhappy as they want unsustainable contracts. Unless there's some transfer clause out there that gets placed exclusively in your balance and not added to your transfer budget I'm lost. There's no option to decrease budgets
  11. The interesting bit is that the match experience doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Despite exclusively playing reserve team games, players in my first team develop faster than players in my reserves team. Reserves team also has better coaches at a lighter work load.
  12. If you're asking if staff can develop outside of getting new licenses, then yes.
  13. Is first team training and official games more effective than reserves team training and friendlies? Basically trying to figure out if one player will have the same (excluding random variables) development in the reserves team playing friendlies as he would in the first team playing official games with all other factors staying the same? So level of coaching, game time, opponent level etc. all equal to what he would've gotten in the first team.
  14. I am asking why Position/Role/Duty in Tactical Familiarity is not developed by giving a player game time, and judging from my experience completely gated behind putting a player to the same position, role and duty in individual training. I don't have Role Suitability and Tactical Familiarity confused. I don't care about role suitability because that doesn't actually affect anything and is only there as a guide. Unless I'm mistaken, tactical familiarity absolutely does affect match performance. I'm bringing up Positional Familiarity because it can be developed in both training and during m
  15. The cap can't change. Some leagues don't start out at the cap.
  16. Yes, but which role is that given tactical familiarity towards? The role they're given in the starting 11 during the training session? The role they have individual training for? The role they played last time they featured in the team? If it in any way impacted the role they play matches in, they should and would've gained tactical familiarity over the 30+ games a season. As soon as I put them to individual training in that role however, they become familiar within a few weeks.
  17. Then what is? Because the only thing that affects a player's tactical familiarity in their role in all my saves is their individual training.
  18. Obviously training should help speed it up, but gating it completely seems ridiculous and inconsistent with position training.
  19. The domestic prize pool and TV income won't change at all. Sponsorships will increase significantly compared to what they were or as SI defends it in percentage, but 2000% increase still isn't enough if you start low. I've been the biggest club in the world for 10 seasons now, won 6 Champion Leagues, been in I think 8 of the last 9 finals. My sponsorship money is 30 million a year except for a one off deal that netted me 100m that year (I don't know how regular these can be, but doesn't look regular). That is not even half of my annual player wages and even then my wages are 10% of on game sta
  20. For the longest time I thought these buttons were gone from the game, but turns out they're just invisible on teams with white foreground colour. I could always change my team's colours in the IGE, but would prefer to avoid that. Is there a way to change the border on these buttons from white to grey or black?
  21. What does it do specifically? Does it just add to the star rating a coach gets for training in the youth team or is there a hidden bonus baked in somewhere?
  22. Adding another inconsistency and hinderance that I really don't understand to the thread: Board never accepts requests to increase staff wages, claiming current wages already high and appropriate for the club's ambitions. Despite ambitions being the most prestigious trophy in club football, available funds being 10s of thousand £ per week less than competing clubs and a player transfer and wage budget exceeding club balance. Makes no sense.
  23. We should be able to see Bookmarks in the sidebar if there's space available and set keyboard shortcuts to them from Preferences. Currently they're 3 clicks away with most things available to players within the same amount of clicks. For players with large screens there's also half a screen of sidebar with wasted space, which would be perfect for bookmarks.
  24. Do you know what this does exactly? I'm honestly getting more and more confused at these player valuations, as I'm currently the 7th best performing club in Europe, 9th most reputable league and my player values are still not to the level of FC Copenhagen in 32nd and Danish Premier League in 12th, and Danish FA Financial Power is at 5 compared to Norway's 11. Basically everything Denmark is worse than Norway at this point and they're still worth more. Player values just seem more and more hard coded to the established top leagues on game start to me, which makes it hard to stay motivated.
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