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  1. No, he wasn't. I'm telling you the news article in my inbox for the red card said he was sent off for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity/being the last man standing. Don't understand why you're so defensive in a feedback forum of all places. It's a bug, it happens. What do you have to gain by this?
  2. Yup Goalkeeper straight red card for last man challenge in opponent box.pkm
  3. So yeah, my goalie came up in the 92nd minute on a corner, and while the ball was in the air he fouls someone in the box, and this is counted as a last man challenge and he gets sent off. With 4 players on my team behind him, while the opponent isn't even in possession of the ball. Seems like the game is hard coded to just send goalies off if they commit a foul or something similar. The post match news message confirmed this was what he got sent off for. So now I gotta play City in the second leg of the CL quarters without my best goalie. Thanks guys, lol.
  4. The game gives no option to say to the player "I can promise you we will achieve it this year", despite that being easily done and even expected of the club. The only options are "in 1 year" or "we need 2 years", both of these options making the player unhappy. Absolutely ridiculous.
  5. What does this mean? There's been absolutely no changes to training intensity, and 7 of my players comes complaining about it after having dramatic drops in attributes. What the actual? I keep getting this message a few times every season, but nothing as dramatic as this, so I never cared much. But yeah, what causes it when training intensity doesn't change?
  6. When selecting multiple players to adjust training from the Squad screen only the clicked player is affected, despite the context menu confirming multiple players have been selected. Not having the same issue for other actions in the context menu like transfer listing and making available for reserves. Just training. System: macOS Catalina 15.1-15.2 Latest game version
  7. The odd bid war resulting in a good sale doesn't change the fact that I have to deal with 20 bids per deadline (the max amount you can continue the game before it forces you to interact with bids) with insulting offers. My newgens just don't gain value in the game at all. While my board can recognize that we are a Champions League challenging side enough to put that in my Club expectations, I have to buy under 18s for 10-20 million just to compete, and see their value take a nosedive as their quality skyrockets. Emil Ceide (real) played one good season for me and got an outright offer for 12m if I remember correctly, while 2 seasons on from posting this, a newgen I bought for 10m, now in the highest media classification for a player in game, rarely get offers more than 4m. When I have 10 players like him and have to play clicking simulator every transfer window instead of Football Manager, that does in fact affect my sanity. I'm excruciatingly passionate about the franchise, I've played it since 06, and it's saddening to see how mistreated every league outside the top 10 are. There's still no dynamic prize pools in the game, and I understand that's a comprehensive feature to add, but there is a major disconnect between Club Visions and sustainability as it is right now because of the lack of value in newgens. It's almost impossible and anti-fun to constantly having to find exploits and "hacks" to just play the basic game, because of seemingly hard coded elements like these that are just mind bogglingly unrealistic. You're just brushing this off as a non-issue because "Norwegian side". I will reiterate, this is a side with 200m in the bank, that has established itself in the top 16 of Europe and is filled with media recognized world class players. Compare this to Ajax who had one great season in Europe and saw their player values peak at 80m, Salzburg who's having media speculate at 50-60m for Haaland etc. Are you suggesting Manchester United and the like are slapping bids in the 3-4m range for these players? I've taken the Norwegian coefficients from one team in qualifier 1 to one team straight into group stage and a second in playoffs. The club from challenging for the opportunity to get into group stages to established top 16 of Europe. Player values unaffected. At the end of the day, the save wasn't fun anymore so I retired it. The game just isn't made for any league outside of the established top ones or playing more than 10 seasons. I apologize for letting my emotions take over in my last reply, but what you're seeing is the result of someone with 15 years of passion for this game watching it die. It saddens me.
  8. Please. Please. Please do something about transfer windows. I seriously wanna kill myself every window. This is unreal that got shipped.
  9. Such a weird thing to take out. Quality of life shortcuts like these are massively improving the game.
  10. Players under 22 can't be loaned out despite the rule specifying players over 22 has a limit of 6 loans.
  11. It's not a one off thing, it's a constant throughout the entire transfer window. Uploaded "Bug report loan offers transfer offers.fm". On save date I have accepted 2 600k a month loan offers for Stevanovic for 12 months, as well as a transfer deal for €3,9M seeing as that was the highest bid I could negotiate to before I thought of loaning him out (cancelled this bid obviously). That's almost twice the amount of money for a loan signing over a permanent deal, and they still pay all the wages, so they have no reason to look at this as beneficial. And as I said this is a constant. With a few players being exceptions the majority of my players, some even labelled as world class by the media, receive insultingly low bids, but the bidding clubs are happy to negotiate a much worse deal financially for them in a loan. I even ended up loaning out Ronny Lie on my reserves for 250k a month despite receiving transfer bids of 200k. Literally 12x the value on the loan deal. These are world class players happy in a very rich club. What's my incentive to sell? Why isn't that lack of incentive to sell reflected in the transfer bids like it would be in real life?
  12. Reporting this as a bug, because while the ridiculous transfer bids might just be horrible intended game design, surely clubs shouldn't be willing to spend more on a loan deal than a permanent transfer. The same clubs that refuse to negotiate a 7m deal for a 3m valued player, happily accept paying 5m a year for 3 years on top of his wages. Loan offers represent what value a player will have to their new club while getting reduced price due to being a loan. Stark contrast to permanent deal offers that are so insulting they would get the buying club blacklisted in real life.
  13. When I wrote that, I had 116 new bids on players from a 2 hour simulation on Transfer Deadline Day. Rest of the transfer window isn't *that* bad, but mostly because there's no immediate deadline on the bids and clubs don't all bid at the same time. What I mean for reasonable, is if the game nullifies too high asking prices and ignores them completely. My striker who's receiving the most bids got a 80m bid and I set his asking price to 90m because I had no intention of selling. Continued to receive 3-4m bids (his value) everyday with the occasional 40m+ bid. The AI having this unreal difference of valuation in a player is bad enough, but the problem that arises is there's no winning in this situation. Either sit through and do it all manually, reject all and risk player happiness or sell for possibly dirt cheap. For the next window I'm considering just putting "Accept all" and rejecting on confirmation. Should save me the hassle.
  14. Once again, reject all offers is not an option due to player morale tanking. Players that would only want to leave to *one* specific club, might get an offer for 40m from 1 club, and 3m from the club he wants to go to. Telling him finances weren't right won't do anything in this situation because he and the game simultaneously thinks 3m and 40m is a fair price.
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