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  1. Does this promise reduce playtime demands from the important and star players on the team?
  2. I don't remember the overall game speed, but just from turning it on now earlier to see where I left things off I was very positively surprised at the snappiness and speed of menus. Much quicker than FM21. FM20 has them both beat though. Is this not the case for you?
  3. What's holding it back would you say? While they might have a higher ceiling they're desperately lacking old features that managing without feels like a chore or hurts the game experience.
  4. I'm craving something new (or old) and think Dev Centre, Club Vision and the new match screens as the biggest features in recent years are all major steps back for the series, so I'm curious if FM19 holds up or if I've simply forgotten about why I moved on in the first place.
  5. It would be great to be able to add competition rule changes only editor files (no database changes for obvious reasons) mid save game to spice up and improve the longevity of saves. With the ability to add and remove Leagues whenever already implemented a few years ago this seems like the natural next step.
  6. While I agree, a league's reputation is based around competition results, not foreign or even domestic interest. Maybe that should be two separate rankings and the interest factor play no part in player valuations, because this isn't it. Premier League is set at 20m base valuations for players at 141-150 league reputation, meanwhile the Norwegian league is set at 2m. That means the Premier League can perform to the level of the Serbian league in Europe, and yet Premier League players will still be worth 10 times what the Champions League winner from Norway's players are worth. You can't b
  7. Investing another 500 hours into the game just to see if a problem is fixed is absurd. Most of these "problems" I've never experienced and the ones I have they try to make worse if I've read it correctly.
  8. Thanks. It amazes me that these arbitrary numbers are in place to create "realism" when all they do is result in hundreds of bids on players because the AI think 5m for 160+ CA players are bargains, as they should. If they want to keep prices grounded with factors outside of just player ability and contract length, a club's financial situation and ambition would surely be a much better way of doing so. It's already in the game as it determines whether your board will step in and accept or decline a transfer. Why can't it communicate with player values as well? They went and ruined all of
  9. Where in the editor are you seeing this? This is completely new to me and I'd like to run some tests with it. They won't. They'll have their value inflated by whatever transfer fee they went for and then over time decrease. By the 3rd year they'll be like any other player. I don't. I've won CL twice in a row now, 4 times in 6 years and my elite and legendary players still won't see bids above 10-15m with the rare exceptions. I have to get rid of these players over the next couple years now since I can't pay for their next contracts and this generational shift is usually where
  10. This seems to be doing the complete opposite and make the world even more static in long term saves. Top 5 leagues are pushing 5-600k in wages with the best players demanding 1m a week, so I'm not sure how this person ever came across this problem of wages being too low. They are absurdly high and should be lower. And it definitely does not increase transfer fees in smaller leagues, which actually decreases over time because regens never live up to the transfer fees real players would get in these leagues. Regardless, I'd have to start a new save which I'm 20 seasons past doing.
  11. Eredivisie is the smallest league with what I'd call realistic player valuations from the game start. I'm playing as Rosenborg and the Norwegian PL is 2 leagues above Eredivisie on the rankings now and yet Ajax and PSV still have half their team valued at 20-40m while I can't get a player above 10m unless they were recently bought for more. While there are so many problems with domestic club growth the by far biggest and easiest to fix is this. I can work around no sponsorship money or poor prize pools, but when players in their prime at 27-28 years old are looking for their final big co
  12. Been a little while now. anyone have a long save with some experience to share?
  13. It's not that they're not being selected in the Inbox or squad. It's that despite this, they won't be played if their game is on the same time or later in the day as the first team. If it's earlier that day they'll play.
  14. Well I can't exactly predict the bids, but I did upload one just now where I just received a 7m bid on the most recent best player in the world, after winning CL the previous season and my club being rich and at 10 000 reputation. Named "Ballon dOr winner 7m bid"
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