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  1. Obviously I´m absolutely thrilled with our league postion this season, but I just wanted to hear if you have any input on how to make my Control tactic better against teams sitting deep against us. Right now I am trying out a change in mentality from Balanced to Positive. Initially I played around with upping the pressing intensity, but I see that increasing the mentality automatically increases our intensity to a bit more aggressive. I brought in Andre Onana and I am thinking about changing the goalkeeper role from SK (d) to SK (s). I guess this will give us a a bit more risk-taking goalkeeper both in transition and in open play.
  2. Thanks again @Experienced Defender! Did some changes to my main tactic. Changed the fullback to a WB (s) and went with two central defenders. The counter press also got axed (but I use it at times in-game). Added the TI Be more expressive as I use this tactic against poorer opposition, and I felt we often struggled to create enough chances from open play. Control tactic Counter tactic Occassionally i add Get stuck in, mostly in games against teams at a similar or lower level than us. The results were absolutely amazing this season as we finished 6th in the prem. We sat at 1th halfway through the season but we struggled in february, march and april to get any consistency. Felt like the other teams had figured us out. A lot of goals came from counter attacks against us, mainly when we were using the Control tactic. So my question is, how would you go about improving my setup? Is the problem with counter attacks against us mainly down to the quality of my defenders? Lack of pace Lascelles and Hayden? Jetro Willems has poor Anticipation, Positioning, Teamwork and Work Rate so maybe I should look into bringing in a better overall fullback? (BTW I used John Souttar a lot instead of Dummett as a central defender during the second part of the season)
  3. Okay I will try to change the role for the right fullback @Experienced Defender. And I will also try things without the Get stuck in TI. My other tactic is the same formation with only a couple of changes in roles. DLF (s) IF (A) W (s) DLP (s) CM (a) DM (d) FB (s) BPD (d) CD (d) IWB (s) SK (d) Team instructions: Only Higher tempo and Counter press
  4. I´ve altered my tactic a bit using all your input @Experienced Defender. Thanks for your help! Still not getting the results we need, and goals against are coming way too easily. I´ve attached a few situations that have happened in our latest games. The first is our game against Leicester. A cross from their left side into the box gets cleared by Lascelles (6), but it´s a bad clearance that goes just outside our own box. At this moment Dummett (3) has tucked inside altough we already have two players centrally. Praet gets the ball under control and plays it into Ricardo who got loads of space and easily gets the ball into the back of the net. A similar thing happened in our game against Watford. A simple throw in on their left side gets thrown to Welbeck (10) who lays it off to Cholevas (25) again. From the 1st image I can already see some issues with our positioning: Lascelles (6) is almost man marking Welbeck and getting dragged out of his position. Krafth (17) tucks in behind and Clark (2) and Dummett (3) is positioned well so we are OK at this moment. But suddenly (2th image) when Welbeck plays the ball back to Cholevas, our left back Dummett has gone completely out of his position and try to put pressure on the player with the ball. This leaves Clark as our only defender centrally, while Almiron (24) has to mark their right fullback. When the cross gets played from Cholevas, Almiron takes a couple of steps forward and leaves their right fullback with loads of space. Janmaat gets the ball and scores easily.... Does this have something to do with with the TI Get stuck in? Here is how my tactic is looking like atm.
  5. Thanks for your comment @Experienced Defender! You are right about the lower LOE. I want to play on the counter and leave some space for my attacking players to run into. I add Counter and Pass into space some times in-game. It makes absolutely sense what your saying about the left fullback, and not having any widht on the left hand side. I´m changing his role to a more conventional FB/WB. Regarding my midfield; I´m always unsure how to set up these roles so thanks for the input on that! This is how it looks now. DLF (s) IF (a) W (s) DLP (s) CM (a) DM (d) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) IWB(s) With Shelvey playing as DLP and Hayden as DM.
  6. I have been working on this 4-1-4-1 formation during pre season and just played three league games. I have tried to keep TI very simple, and work mostly on getting the player roles right. I like the idea of the left winger attacking the space when the striker drags defenders out of position but haven´t really seen this happen in game yet.. First game against Watford went OK. We created a good amount of chances, 16 shots and 8 of them on target. In the next game against Chelsea we managed to stay in the game till the 53th minute, and then Chelsea scored two quick goals. Got absolutely hammered against Watford, where we created absolutely nothing except a big chance on a corner late in the game. Would love some thoughts and comment on how this could be improved.
  7. Thanks @Experienced Defender! Changing the mentality makes a lot of sense. Will try to incorporate some of your ideas into my 4-4-1-1 formation. Regarding the 4-1-4-1 DM. I saw that my assistant manager recommended a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide using the gegenpress style. To add some flexibility I decided to build something with that formation. This is what I came up with for starters Joelinton will play up top, with both of the wingers and central midfielder attacking the space behind him. I change the LOE depending on the opposition, but it's usually set to standard. The higher LOE was used against Brighton in our last home game. The right fullback is sat to defend since our right winger keeps the width. On the left hand side I want Dummett to give some support and width in the attack, since our left winger cuts inside. The problem is that we don't seem to be able to convert our chances in the final third. Here's to games where we create a good amount of chances, but struggle to find the goal. Any tips on how to improve this?
  8. Thanks for the great tips @rockpie! I'm going to sit down now and try to alter the tactic a bit.
  9. Hi everyone! Just took over Newcastle United on my new save and I'm trying to develop a direct style of football using a 4-4-1-1 formation. Struggling in the first few matches, and I would like to get some insight from other people on this tactic. Brought in Dani Olmo to play in the AM position but we also have Almiron who can play there. Overall we have a team that should be challenging for a mid table finish. Formation and tactical instructions I have not added too many tactical instructions. I want the team to play a direct style of football therefore the More direct passing instruction. When we get the ball I want them to Counter and Distribute to the flanks, where we have good pace, especially on the left hand side with Saint-Maximin. I lowered the LOE to let the oppostition get a bit up the pitch so that we have more space to attack. The different roles are maybe a bit simplistic, but the general thinking is this; I want Joelinton to drop a bit and receive the ball. When he gets the ball I want the left winger, central midfielder and attacking midfielder to attack the space around him. Joelinton has been great so far, scoring 3 goals in 4 matches. Goals against The goals we are conceding comes from easy passes behind our defence. The back four also seems to be making very bad decisions on the ball. In our last game against Brighton Lascelles gets the ball straight after kick-off and gifts it to Maupay who gets a 1-1 against our keeper. Results Any thoughts?
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