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  1. That's good to hear! Maidstone's got quite a good team, don't they? But from the looks of it you are doing better than predicted, which is great! And from my experience there always seems to be some periods of the season were performances just drops.. Yeah the finances are always an issue. We went all the way to the first round of the FA Cup this season, so by December we were actually £138k in the plus which is great. Without the income from the cup we would be much worse off as both player wages and bonuses seem to cost us much more per month than our income from ticket sales and matchd
  2. Even though the old tutoring system made things a lot easier, the mentoring system in FM20 is much more realistic IMO. Determination alone won't give you the wanted effects in mentoring. Before I put together my mentoring groups, I check out the following things: 1. Hierarchy - at what level of the hierarchy are the players that I want in a mentoring group? If an established first team player with 20 in Determination is at the same level in the hierarchy as two younger players - you might not get a big effect on the younger players. It might actually hurt the established player'
  3. Building a Club from the Lower Leagues So my aim with this thread is to get a discussion going on playing in the lower leagues, and how you can build up a club from the bottom tier. Everyone will have different angles on how they approach this and that’s what makes it so interesting! For me, the best thing about starting with a team in the lower leagues is to build a club almost from scratch. Sure, many of the clubs have long histories, but not many teams have been higher up the footballing pyramid, and that makes it a great opportunity to build something and become a cl
  4. Thanks, @HanziZoloman! Joelinton has been really good so far this season, and after 11 games he has bagged 7 goals. Overall he hasn't seen huge improvements in his abilities, as he's PA is limited. Not that many players left from the original squad tbh. Lascelles, Rose, Longstaff, Hayden, Saint-Maximin, Lazaro and Joelinton are the ones left, and most of them don't have that much room for improvement. Lascelles has been a regular, alongside Ajer, in our central defence and he's really solid. For pre season I've used this schedule: The schedule is quite hea
  5. Hi everybody! Moving very slowly but here comes my next chapter in my Build a Club-project 2020/21 season Last season we had big issues with our attack. We only scored 35 goals in the Premier League, whch oviously won't take us very far. Maybe it was down to the quality of players in the squad, but I still felt that the tactic needed some small tweaks to make it better suited to the way I want to play. Small changes While working on my setup I went back and watched some of Newcastle's matches from both 2001 and 2002. From those matches I got a few ideas that
  6. That has been a problem for me both during last season and this transfer window! One thing I have found effective, when I'm struggling to get players sold, is to use the loan market. There seems to be more clubs interested in season-long loan deals. I usually ask for 100% of the wages covered aswell as a monthly fee. The monthly fee I'm asking for is dependant on the quality of the player but I usually start quite high, and then lower the fee it if there's no interest. One thing to note is that even tough the player is deemed surplus for my team, I still want him to get a good amount of p
  7. 2019/20 season First Team U23s U18s Training At the start of the season I set up my training schedules, both for pre season and in season. A great tool that I've been using is the FM20 Training Planner by FMScout. Using the spreadsheet you'll get a better look into what attributes the different sessions works on. That's it for now! I have been moving very slowly on this save, but my next post will be focusing on the upcoming 2020/21 season, and how I'll try to improve my tactical setup to combat the lack of goals this season.
  8. Thanks! Totally agree! The club has so much potential with all of it´s fanbase and history. Surely, with the right investment, they should be challenging much higher up than what they do IRL. Thanks! Joelinton is definetly in my plans, as you will see in my next post. Will post a new update later today!
  9. Building a club - Inspired by the great Sir Bobby Robson --- After playing many saves with Newcastle United over the last few versions of Football Manager, I've now decided to try to take my football management a step further. Gone are the times with just trying to make a tactic work and quickly rushing through season after season. In this thread I will try to build a club based on my principles of play - and develop both players and facilities. The objective? Making Newcastle United a real threat again in English football and improve how I play the game. --- Inspirati
  10. Obviously I´m absolutely thrilled with our league postion this season, but I just wanted to hear if you have any input on how to make my Control tactic better against teams sitting deep against us. Right now I am trying out a change in mentality from Balanced to Positive. Initially I played around with upping the pressing intensity, but I see that increasing the mentality automatically increases our intensity to a bit more aggressive. I brought in Andre Onana and I am thinking about changing the goalkeeper role from SK (d) to SK (s). I guess this will give us a a bit more risk-takin
  11. Thanks again @Experienced Defender! Did some changes to my main tactic. Changed the fullback to a WB (s) and went with two central defenders. The counter press also got axed (but I use it at times in-game). Added the TI Be more expressive as I use this tactic against poorer opposition, and I felt we often struggled to create enough chances from open play. Control tactic Counter tactic Occassionally i add Get stuck in, mostly in games against teams at a similar or lower level than us. The results were absolutely amazing this season as we fini
  12. Okay I will try to change the role for the right fullback @Experienced Defender. And I will also try things without the Get stuck in TI. My other tactic is the same formation with only a couple of changes in roles. DLF (s) IF (A) W (s) DLP (s) CM (a) DM (d) FB (s) BPD (d) CD (d) IWB (s) SK (d) Team instructions: Only Higher tempo and Counter press
  13. I´ve altered my tactic a bit using all your input @Experienced Defender. Thanks for your help! Still not getting the results we need, and goals against are coming way too easily. I´ve attached a few situations that have happened in our latest games. The first is our game against Leicester. A cross from their left side into the box gets cleared by Lascelles (6), but it´s a bad clearance that goes just outside our own box. At this moment Dummett (3) has tucked inside altough we already have two players centrally. Praet gets the ball under control and plays it into Ricardo who go
  14. Thanks for your comment @Experienced Defender! You are right about the lower LOE. I want to play on the counter and leave some space for my attacking players to run into. I add Counter and Pass into space some times in-game. It makes absolutely sense what your saying about the left fullback, and not having any widht on the left hand side. I´m changing his role to a more conventional FB/WB. Regarding my midfield; I´m always unsure how to set up these roles so thanks for the input on that! This is how it looks now. DLF (s) IF (a) W (s) DLP
  15. I have been working on this 4-1-4-1 formation during pre season and just played three league games. I have tried to keep TI very simple, and work mostly on getting the player roles right. I like the idea of the left winger attacking the space when the striker drags defenders out of position but haven´t really seen this happen in game yet.. First game against Watford went OK. We created a good amount of chances, 16 shots and 8 of them on target. In the next game against Chelsea we managed to stay in the game till the 53th minute, and then Chelsea scored two quick goal
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