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    Belgian CM/FM die hard since 1996. Living in Prague, married and without signs of any FM initiated divorce.

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    FM, WWII. Within FM absolute die hard fan of Van Nistelrooy. Oh boy, this guy scored goals for me

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  1. wackiewim


    Introduce pre-assist stat. simply to understand which players are the ones that are instrumental to provide assisters. alternative could be a stat that counts how many times a player was in the last 3 passes before a goal or so.
  2. Could really enjoy the game, but somewhere since mid dec something changed and my 2nd season / xmas holiday play went really bad - which sucked me in - and at the end I got sacked! (Leicester, high pressing tactics).That hasnt happened often in 20 years of CM! Maybe me getting old, but then i really feel not much i could do about it. Now started to read here and seems like all the things i cant get my head around are listed here as known deficiencies. (Ccc missed in the tens, too many shots per game (30-40 often), opposition CB making super long assist balls and my CB being statues over again
  3. Now you highlighted completed passes. If you want to see all of Burke's passes you would have to click on the 10 and 22 and 2 further on same line. I would propose one button to show all at once. I know its a small thing but just wanted to share.
  4. First impressions. Congrats! Positive highlights - Showing linked events on the analysis tab. This helps to see the build up to a goal or chance. In past versions lost a lot of time clicking "back" or watching it to find that out. - Can show both teams average positions on the same map, nice showing how they compared - Opposition is sometimes changing formation during game (something I don't know if it was maybe existing before but I literally never saw it happening) - Battling for the ball is much more happening and unpredictable. You think he is making a mistake and then the ref
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