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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone - it's probably as XaW or Carrera said! I'll give those a few tweaks and analyse my games a bit more to make some changes and it all else fails, I'll post on the tactics forum to get further advice. My tactic probably is too attacking! After a day of no FM, I've calmed down and I'm ready to go again!
  2. Hi, Just curious if I'm doing something wrong as the match stats seem to be far worse from FM20 (which as bad too). I've played three seasons now, and every game without fail leads to me having 25+ shots and about 70% of them on target, scoring about 1-2. The AI seem to have 2 shots and both go in each game. Is there something I can check to see where I'm going wrong? This isn't a once off, it genuinely happens every game. My game before writing this I had 28 shots, 19 on target and scored 2. They had 3 shots and scored 3. (I know this happens in real life,
  3. I've got another case here, but this time it's a ghost goal for me (Cammell Laird). See the goal at 'supposedly' 11 minutes - was wondering how the score changed from 2-0 to 3-0 without a single highlight happening. Cammell Laird v Stafford.pkm
  4. It's 100% - very boring and very lazy programming.
  5. It's the same here, I'm not doing a top league (I'm non league) - although I only concede from long balls over the top even if playing with a deeper line and I tried with 8 defenders (I won the league already so I thought I'd try my luck) and again, long balls over the top where the players just stand there and not move whereas their players run at the speed of light past you. Match engine is better for sure, although there's too many 'patterns' as you've said where you can just tell what's gonna happen as it happens 9 times out of 10.
  6. Happening far too often, 8 games in the season and I've seen it happen in at least 6 of the games, usually resulting in a goal for the opposition. Refreshing this thread so it isn't forgotten about like the other issues that have plagued the game since beta/release. There needs to be another proper football management game to give SI some competition, they've become far too lackadaisical.
  7. Just replying to my thread here as it's been a while. I literally did nothing and one day it just started working again with no issues. Not sure if a patch was downloaded (this is probably the fix for me), no upgrade to my computer or settings were changed. The game just decided to work randomly. I would still put this down to Sports Interactive's issue though as no other games/executables have ever given me this error.
  8. Not sure if yours is FM19 or FM20 - but here's one of mine similar from yesterday (no I'm not St. Mirren). This happens in 9/10 games, you dominate the game in every aspect but you barely scrape a win, or you're subjected to a draw or a loss like this. You can have 30 shots on target and still struggle as their goalkeeper turns into Stretch Armstrong.
  9. Hi, Just a quick one. Just curious to know if anyone is actually watching the Match Engine and constantly dominating games, like absolutely controlling the game from start to finish, having 20+ shots on target to their 2 and still only scrape by winning games 1-0, 2-1 or even drawing? Goalkeepers on the opposing side seem to be genuine gods every game, no matter how bad they are or what team you're playing. FM 19's Match Engine was very spot on, something weird is going on with FM 20's. Before anyone says "Team's dominate games in real life and lose" - Yes I know that, I'm
  10. Hi Neil, Here's the DxDiag attached. When the message appears it just says FM2020 (Staging) on Task Manager DxDiag.txt
  11. Same happening to me and a few others, no response on this yet it seems... Can't even continue my save or play any other saves. Just to add to your thread as I did mine, this problem persists even with the following done: 1. All graphics and skins removed 2. Virtual RAM allocated 3. Cache and Preferences reset 4. Verifying game cache 5. Reinstalling None of those proposed solutions have fixed it.
  12. Great career story so far, really well written and just enjoyable to read through - keep it up! Was quite funny to see that your goal of the season, last season was Frazier Campbell's goal to make you win against Aldershot
  13. Hi, I'll just preface this forum post by saying that I've already browsed Google for a good hour now trying out resolutions for FM18, FM19 and even the most recent ones for FM20 such as, deleting the cache/preferences folder, enabling virtual memory, disabling skins - none of this works and I even made a brand new save to make sure my game wasn't corrupted although the same issue occurs even on a brand new game. This crash happens when I'm about to go into a game, when on the choosing team screen - I can't past this screen on any save. Screenshot before a game (can't seem to get
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