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  1. Okay I just did this and it says I've converted 65 out of my last 100 ccc's, so obviously 65% which does seem reasonable. Not sure about my 1v1 conversion rate though.
  2. I understand and when thinking about this issue I knew it wouldn't be as simple as simply allowing more 1v1's to be scored. Hopefully they can find a balance. It must be very difficult to find a balance in the match engine and I can appreciate that.
  3. I am missing what seems like an insane amount of CCC's and 1v1's. I'm managing Hamburg in the Bundesliga and my strikers' finishing ability is around 13, but it feels like they miss an insane amount of 1v1's. I always seem to have at least two clear cut chances a game where the striker gets in behind the defenders and has a clear as day 1v1 oppurtunity, but 90% of the time they miss, it seems absurd. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. So it seems like this has been an issue for you going back to last year's game? Not sure I noticed anything too wrong with pens in fm19, but I just seem to be missing way too many penalties on this year's game. And the players who have been taking them aren't bad penalty takers.
  5. It's either 7 or 8, I've been keeping track in my head. I'm just not sure whether it's 7 or 8.
  6. I'm making sure the best penalty taker is taking each penalty, but I'll compare it with the stats of other teams. Thanks.
  7. My players (on two different teams on two separate saves) have missed something like 7 or 8 out of their last 10 penalties. Anyone else?
  8. Yes I'm aware that corners and set pieces aren't good scoring chances, that's why I have been focusing on the amount of clear cut chances I had, not the amount of corners. Idgaf about corners.
  9. I ignored your previous post because I couldn't understand what your point was. What do you mean by "they got a foot into like every move"? Whats your point about a corner every 4 minutes?
  10. This isn't my actual tactic, just the tactic I ended up with in this game after making some changes. My actual tactic is a possession 4-2-3-1 with a positive mentality. Eibar didn't read anything like a book lol, they didn't play well at all. If your plan is to stop a team from scoring by defending deep and limiting the quality of their chances, but then you give up 4 ccc's, you executed your plan terribly. If the other side of that same plan is to transition quickly when you win the ball to try and score, but you only have 2 shots, both outside the box, and 1 on target, you executed that side of the plan terribly as well. Eibar didn't play well at all is my point, they didn't "take their chance", because they literally had no chances.
  11. @ChrisCo I know you think that Celtic v. Barca game is comparable to mine because of the possession and shots stats, but you would need to show me the quality of chances in that game for both teams for a serious comparison. Eibar had 1 shot on target in my game, an insane goal from outside the box, Celtic had 5 in the screenshot you posted, so what were those 5 shots like? And what were the quality of Barcelona's chances? I had 4 ccc's in my game.
  12. @Dagenham_Dave This was the formation I ended up with at the end of this game, my actual tactic is a possession 4-2-3-1 with a positive mentality.
  13. @pheelf They didn't execute any sort of plan to perfection lmao, they got an ungodly amount of luck, that's it. *They* didn't manage to stop me from scoring, the football gods did. "Improve the quality of chances" is 4 ccc's not enough for you? Is that not enough? They didn't have a single shot inside the box. Me: 4 ccc's, 3 shots off the woodwork and a pen that was saved, 0 goals. Eibar: 2 shots, both outside the box, 1 goal.
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