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  1. Hi, Was there ever any update to this? I find it can kill the longevity of save games knowing that the newgens generated will always have to be retrained post-signing if you want to not use them as wingers... There may be other issues also in this area (newgen generation), e.g. numerous world-class potential newgens who are extremely tall, newgen GKs who seem to have poor sweeper keeper attributes etc. So I wonder if this will ever get a good looking into as from what I can remember it has been present in the game for a few years. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Summary: Generated AM(L) or AM(R) newgens seem to have a incorrect ratio of preferred foot. For example, a higher proportion of the left foot being on the left side in newgens, therefore making them 'wingers' instead of 'inside' or 'inverted' players, compared to real life players. Description of Issue: Real life wide players the majority of the time nowadays tend to play on the wing their foot is opposite to, e.g. Messi/Salah are left-footed and plays on the right and Neymar/Hazard/Ronaldo are right-footed and play on the left. However, newgens wide players that generate in FM20, and I believe this was the same in last years game as well, appear to generate the majority of the time on the same wing as their foot, e.g. right footed players are natural as an AM(R) and vise-versa. To back up this assumption, I had a look at the player search 1 year into a save I am currently doing, ensuring the in-game editor to 'Show All Players in Search', to attempt to calculate the ratio of right against left foot on each wing, comparing 'real' players (>18 age) to newgen players (<=16 age). LF = left foot, RF = right foot. Position - Newgen Ratio - Real Player Ratio LF:RF LF:RF AM(L) - 281:54 1285:1725 AM(R) - 18:363 655:2439 As you can see from the raw numbers above, from the real AM(L) players there are 440 more right-footed players than left footed. However, newgen AM(L) there is actually far more left-footed players than right-footed players. It is slightly more clear if you simplify it to ratios: Position - Newgen Ratio - Real Player Ratio LF:RF LF:RF AM(L) - 1:0.19 0.75:1 AM(R) - 0.05:1 0.27:1 You can see that both the AM(L) and AM(R) footedness ratios when comparing newgens to real players are definitely not the same, with the clearest difference being seen with the left-sided players - newgens being far more left-footed, whilst real players are actually the majority right footed. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: 'Giorgio Marinacci - Wolves.fm' I hope this gets a reply, apologies for any errors as this was put together quite quickly.
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