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  1. If you mean the save of the game, it still loads from the folder called "games" which is in the same folder as "graphics" folder (both are in "Football Manager 2021" folder).
  2. Before today I can play the game with the graphics pack I applied without any problem. But now the graphics won't appear anymore. Faces, club emblems, competition logos all are gone. The file is still there at the graphics folder, it's just that it doesn't show in the game. I haven't did anything to the game. The only unusual thing I can notice is that today stream asked me to accept some kind of agreement when I opened FM21. I tried to clear cache and reload skins, uninstall and reinstall the game, restart the game, and restart my computer but nothing happened. Any solution?
  3. Tobias Raschl's wage is bug. It wrongly shows that he earns 44k p/w in new save game.
  4. The issue is really weird. First I could apply face packs but on the next day when I added logo packs, the face packs didn't show up and even after I reload skin both packs still didn't load. This problem was come at the same time with saving problem which I couldn't save the game. The latter problem was solve after I change the save file location (it's the old problem from old version tho) but I still can't load graphics skins.
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