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  1. still don't like any solution? we want to play, aren't you going to release a fix this week? thank you reply? thanks
  2. not release a fix until tomorrow? and that in the Portuguese we already have the game of the 24th and it was still impossible to create a career due to these mistakes
  3. and a correction is not released? this is shameful, I paid 50 euros for 1 game which I cannot play before January because this amateurism is incredible
  4. launch a hotfix to fix at least B teams, it's a basic thing
  5. Se o editor funcionasse eu corrigiria facilmente as equipas B, o problema é que não funciona
  6. did you start a new game and still how do B teams participate in the cups? if so and shameful, i don't know then what rules they fixed
  7. release a correction for portugal, it has many errors here already reported
  8. teams B participate in the cup, that is impossible, correct it quickly because it is not so difficult to do. and it is impossible to play like this because it is not real
  9. I played all the FM'S and none were blurred I didn't change any settings and the FM 21 was completely blurred. I tried to change everything and it doesn't work, I put everything back by default, I expect quick resolution, I can't play
  10. o meu texto tambem esta borrado, comprei o jogo ainda na versão BETA e ainda nao consegui jogar, resolvam por favor i5 gtx 1060 6 GB 16gb ram monitor Asus 144hz Full HD it’s impossible play
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