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  1. Tackling seems to be far too effective throughout the team , both for the player and AI. Looking at the stats, shows everyone bar the forwards with 100% tackle success rates. I recall playing a sky bet one league team where their winger with a rating of 5 under Tackling had 14/14 tackles made
  2. just when I think Jurgen Klopp cant get more impressive, finding out he has won the UCL and sits on top of the EPL when his central defenders aren't even up to Welsh amateur level is truly astounding
  3. Also, this isn't really a fix. Doesn't matter how quick your defender is if he stand still to give the forward a head start to the ball every time. the issues with the Me are that, seeing the problems on the pitch resulting from unrealistic scenarios destroys any sembelenace of "simulation" where you try to apply real world solutions to problems
  4. so, as you point out, lots of shots on goal doesn't necessarily mean lots of good chances. But, my issue is, why are these shots being tried. at the top end of the game, players with high stats shoudn't be trying all sorts of nonsense shots from any angle with no chance of scoring when there are better options available. especially when you have PI's and TI's that contravene this behanviour. People are rightly frustrated at the fact that the game isn't playing out like a normal game of football, there are many instances that have silly gamey occurrences , which , of course is expected occasionally, but seems over the top on this ME
  5. The fact that a player wouldn't be expected to finish from these angles isn't the issue though, it's why they are attempting the shot from there. Players try to work a better angle for themselves in rl, not blast away regardless. So why aren't these forwards who have been set free on goal working a better angle, or looking for teammates better placed. Those are the issues causing people so much frsutration.
  6. If I was being paid to do it as my full time job, sure, the least I could do is watch the full match
  7. dont worry, us beta testers wont have to pay an extra for the full product I have heard.
  8. doesnt hurt that the AI can hit 80 yard pin perfect cross field passes to them every time
  9. and it feels like the AI is way too powerful winning tackles, or if I do manage to get past, just fouling me with no cards.
  10. yep, had a game where AI had about 22 fouls to my 6, yellow cards were 3-5 to them. If you watch the games, you'll see them get away with professional fouls regularly , with no repercussions. Coupled with the precision of their tackles ( or how easily my players get dispossessed) and its a perfect storm of nonsense
  11. almost as if I have been on many game forums and seen the same tired deflections of game issues from the zealots . constructive criticism is a thing, no need to take every negative point being raised so personally.
  12. and the issue people are having is that those shots on goal are clear goal scoring chances. Issues I'm having with this ME are a) what lots of people are complaining about, the silly shots from players i.e. missing relatively easy chances, or trying ridiculous shots from impossible angles and b) the way players seem to ignore tactics . asking them to work the ball into the box, run less with the ball, pass shorter etc etc seems to have zero effect. basically, if your team dominates poss., then surely you dont need to worry about its ball retention ability. If it then goes on to create chances that are missed, what? how do you remedy that? If my tactic makes chances and keeps the ball, why would I change it? but if the players are incapable of scoring from what seems to be easy chances, and those players are world class, how do you remedy that. That is the issue people are getting frustrated with. The single biggest metric most people judge how well a team played isn't a good metric? That's an issue with the game as far as I'm concerned.
  13. If any manager or match analyst on tv came out and tried to say that possession and shots on target were not a good metric to how well a team played, they'd be laughed off, and rightly so. sorry, but trying to defend this current Me with this weak argument is straying way too far into fanboyism
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