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  1. Yeah I've logged out of my original machine. Still the same issue. I come to the games library on Steam and I can't install the game its grayed out. The other football manager I've got in my library is 2010 and the install button is highlighted blue to download. Struggling to thing what it could be...
  2. Hi guys, I got the game last week and downloaded on my laptop. Its pretty old and performance isn't the best. I've got a powerful desktop for work so i wanted to download on this to play on 2nd PC. But when i access the game on Steam the download button is grayed out. I can't seem to find a reason as to why this is? I thought all games can be played on multiple computers via steam account? Thanks.
  3. Hello Christopher. Thank you for your response. I've managed to fix the issue thankyou. I removed the failed changes, I knew i must of missed something on the Editor. Cheers anyway Ben
  4. Hello, It's my first time playing Football Manager in 10 years. Just fancied playing it over the xmas break as going to have some time off. I decided that it would make the game more interesting if i edited the database of my team. I've mainly just tweaked players, staff & finances. When i come to load the database and select the team in the career mode i can't get past selecting the club and assigning managerial stats on the next window. I've seen people mention testing the database but i cannot seem to workout how to do this so i can validate its works correctly. Anyone know what i should do to rectify my edited database so I can start a career mode? Thanks,
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