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  1. Thanks for the update! I just ran a test save and there were no regen managers. Time to play FM Touch!
  2. Any ETA on the new update? I have no interest in starting a new game until the regen manager bug is fixed.
  3. Haha, what a weak counter-point. I've been playing FM since 2005, and have purchased every instalment since then. If they have released this year's edition with a massive bug that totally breaks the realism, then we as paying customers have every right to be frustrated with them. As far as I can recall, the managerial system was perfectly fine in FM19, so I'm not sure why they were even messing with it anyway. There have been similar glitches like this in every edition, but I've always been able to enjoy the game and overlook them. This one, however, is so detrimental that I have no desire to play FM until it is fixed.
  4. Still not fixed. Any ETA on when this will be resolved? Surely it wouldn't take too long to rectify.
  5. Same thing is happening to me. Multiple regen managers being appointed less than a year into the save game, each with rather poorly designed attributes. Take Southampton's new manager for instance, who has straight 20s for Judging Player Ability/Potential/Staff Ability, Negotiating and Tactical Knowledge. (https://prnt.sc/q20efq) This utterly destroys the realism and it did not happen on earlier versions of the game. Where's the fun of having regen managers in place of real-life managers? There's none at all. Please fix ASAP!
  6. Downloaded FM2020 Touch about a week ago, and have been progressing nicely with my current save. However, I've noticed that other clubs have a tendency to appoint completely new regens when recruiting a new manager. Take, for example, Everton, who fired Marco Silva and appointed a regen in his place (https://prnt.sc/q161pf), less than nine months into the save! As far as I can remember, this wasn't a feature in previous iterations. Is there anyway to turn it off? I don't personally like it as it spoils the realism a bit. Thanks.
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