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  1. Just sent in the save labelled "Contract_Bug_kjiho15.dat". Cheers, let me know if you need any other save.
  2. Will do, I’ll upload the save when I get home. For now, the screenshots: 7/1: Enquiry, initial offer for 59mil 7/2: Norwich accepts, option to sign comes up skipping contract negotiation
  3. Hello, I’m playing on an iPhone XS w/ the latest patch installed. Every time I start a new career as Manchester United (manager is English, playable leagues England [1-3 divisons], Spain [1-2 divisions], Italy[“], Germany [“]) and attempt to buy Max Aarons from Norwich, after I reach a deal with Norwich a contract is automatically offered to Aarons and accepted without my input. He is given a “Key Player” guarantee and his desired wage. This bug does not happen if transfer negotiations with Norwich breaks down, Aarons gets angry and I swoop in for the lower transfer fee. If I try for Aarons on this second attempt, I enter normal contract negotiations with Aarons. I am using no unlockables except the Gold coaching badge. I’ve reproduced this bug every single new game (around 10 attempts so far) but have no saves to send as all my slots are being used. I’m trying to be as detailed as possible, but if you still need a save file I’ll delete one of mine and reproduce the bug.
  4. Hi, not sure if this is also a bug, but quite a lot of U23 LW & RW I've been scouring on the market seem to have the "runs with ball down left(right)" trait which is undesirable in inside forwards. Diego Lainez, Victor Tsygankov, Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho, etc. Is this intentional? If it is, is there a way to remove these traits in-game?
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