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  1. Thats good to hear. As a comparison this is how it plays with Youtube on in the Backgroun with full everything. Not perfect, but much better, As
  2. It doesn't fix it; but definitely improves it. Are we talking a week or a month away from deployment?
  3. Hi, Yes I've tried all of the above, plus every other suggestion I've come across on here. The only one that gets remotely close is running it with Youtube on in the background. The game was perfect for me during the Beta & I've never had any issue during the last 10 years of playing the game. So disappointing.
  4. 2 months later still have the same issue. This will be the first year I've notplayed the game. Itis unplayable for me. I added myself to the Beta to see if anything was upcoming to solve the issue. This is the footage Any clue?
  5. Hi, Attached is my DXDIAG & a link to a video of my issue. I've removed the crowd, reduced the quality to low but it makes no different, the FPS drops to 17 no matter what I do. The issue only occured after the patch on the 11th, the game was running smooth as usual prior to that. I am also suffering lag doing things such as opening menus, clicking links. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  6. Never had an issue with lag. I play a gaming rig that should swallow this game whole. Since the start of last week, trying to watch 3d matches almost makes me physically sick
  7. Same issue here. Core i7 - 8750H 16gb Ram FTX 1060 Was smooth what I started playing the Beta, unplayable currently
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