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  1. I did a little update on my tactics 433. I am currently playing with FC Schalke 04... Gegenpress KAMI.fmf
  2. SEASON EXPECTATIONS Win all... TRANSFERS THE RESULT League won, FA and CC lost in final. Not satisfied with the season, I preferred CL but I failed again TEAM & TACTIC SEASON REVIEW
  3. I play all the matches and during the match I don't change anything except the players. P.S. I have made a new tactic and soon I will start the new season and if it proves good I will post it here...
  4. Yes, in my save assistant manager is always responsible for general trening and I responsibile for individual training. I prefer for corners midfielder players.
  5. SEASON EXPECTATIONS Win all... TRANSFERS Money, money, money must be funny In the rich man's worldMoney, money, money always sunny In the rich man's world THE RESULT I won the league again. In addition I won the FA Cup and Community Shield. Not bad TEAM & TACTIC Look at my three main strikers. Together they score 82 goals, plus my fourth striker added 16 more goals. I created a monster. SEASON REVIEW Veni, vidi, vici...
  6. After each patch, lag in 3D match gets worse and worse. CPU: i7-8750H GPU: NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 I played FM19 on this laptop and I never had a problem with lag but with FM 20 it is terrible. Is there any solution?
  7. @andre62 I always play with same mentality no matter who I play against. I modified my tactics a little. You can see the results here... Here is KAMI NEW... KAMI new.fmf
  8. This season has been avenging season. After I was unjustified sacked last season, I applied for three jobs Chelsea, Man City and Borussia Dortmund. I had conversations with Chelsea and Man city and after much deliberation Man City give me a job. I have some problem with computer and lost original screens. This is my revenge. I also play FA Cup final and lost to Arsenal. In two games, I destroyed them. Transfers was great. I have a lot of money. I modified my tactics a little. it is still 433 but there is a difference from the previous one. New tactic you can download here https://community.sigames.comtopic/507774-fm-20-kamikaze-tactic-only-for-brave/ My profile
  9. We started the season great. We won the UEFA Super Cup. In September, I signed a new four-year contract. We finished third in the league again. But I failed and was sacked at the end of the season because I not winning the Premier League. I'm currently looking for a new job.
  10. Thank you Fribbe, I totally forgot about this man and 100% I agree with his philosophy.
  11. If you do not have a strong heart it is best to skip this tactic. It is not for you . My football philosophy is simple the best defense is attack. I love attacking football and I always in FM play with attacking tactic and my favorite is 433. It is risk and always on the verge on fouls and possibly red card, but I love it. I cannot guarantee you that you will win titles or end the season without losing, but I can guarantee you that you will play entertaining football. Let's start... I always split pitch on two sides Left and Right. Players on the Left side (in this case DCL, WBL, MCL and AFL) their stronger leg must be left and for the other side (DCR, WBR, MCR and AFR) their stronger leg must be right. Also, players on the left and right must play the same role position. You must be wondering why? Because I love symmetry and hate asymmetry...simply . The other three central players in tactics (GK, MC and F9) can be left or right or different role position. GK - defend I prefer my goalkeeper to play simply. The less contact he has with the ball, the better for him. I don't like SK and my goalkeeper is always GK defend. Example: Oliver Kahn (in my opinion the best GK that has played this game). CD - defend Tall, strong and powerful. Simple pass to the nearest player and not think too much. Example: Nemanja Vidic or Tony Adams WB - attack One of the most important positions on the team. They must be good in defend and attack position and always play along the line. Example: Andrew Robertson or Trent Alexander-Arnold DLP - defend Link between defense and midfielders and also very important player in this system. Example: Fernandinho or Sergio Busquets BBM - support My favorite position on the team and my midfielders are always playing as BBM. They run up and down constantly. Example: Roy Keane or N'Golo Kanté F9 - support Little danger behind the two main strikers. It's not classic ST and it's not AMC either, it's something in between. Example: Roberto Firmino AF - attack Attacker who is like a tank and destroys everything in front of him. He has a license to kill. Example: Thierry Henry or Ruud van Nistelrooy This is the end... You can see my results with this tactic on my career here https://community.sigames.com/topic/504842-fm-20-escape-from-balkan/ but be careful, I warned you...
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