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  1. SEASON EXPECTATIONS My first full season with Eibar and expectations are mid-table. TRANSFERS Mason Greenwod from Man Utd is must buy striker. THE RESULT TEAM & TACTIC In the second part of the season I decided to use two tactics. I used 433 tactics against opponents who were weaker or somewhere in my rank in quality and 532 I used against stronger teams such as Real, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. SEASON REVIEW Another successful season is behind me as far as Board is concerned. I met the goals set by the Board, but I personally hoped we would be at least a little better. We've had a lot of draws and weird matches lost, but when the line is drawn with a budget of 7 million, we can't expect anything more. Importantly, we have made progress over last season. On a personal level, I now have Continental B license. My reputation as a manager is growing slowly but surely :).
  2. The season started great. I was third in the league, went through the first round of the Croatian Cup and in Europe, to the surprise of many, passed all three rounds, then we went through the group stage. At the end of the first part of the season I applied to several clubs and to my surprise I got a new job in Spain and the club is ... I left Sibenik in excellent condition both financially and competitively. SD EIBAR is my new club. SEASON EXPECTATIONS The club was ranked 18th in the league and the Board expectation was to avoid relegation. THE RESULT The goal has been achieved. Most importantly the Board is pleased. TEAM & TACTIC My FM profile for now. I am currently studying for a Continental B license.
  3. SEASON EXPECTATIONS Avoid relegation from the league. TRANSFERS I am very pleased with the transfers, especially with two players Luka Jancici and Hamdi Morina. THE RESULT The magical season is behind me. Second place and playing in Europe next season. TEAM & TACTIC SEASON REVIEW I have nothing special to write. The result speaks for itself. We played phenomenally with a few extraordinary and surprising results and ended up second. Money has been earned so I expect to have an adequate budget for next season, because we will play on three fronts.
  4. SEASON EXPECTATIONS For this season, the board has asked me to avoid relegation from the first league at all costs. A tough season was waiting for me with serious opponents. Media predicted that we finish last, and that we have no chance of survival. TRANSFERS Unlike last season, I had some money this year (player sold). I brought in some great players. I would like to single out two Zvonko Pamić and Petar Čuić. THE RESULT Although all indicators were against us we finally managed to finish on an outstanding fifth place. If we were a little more fortunate, we could have captured a place for Europe, but I'm also more than happy with this. TEAM & TACTIC SEASON REVIEW This has been a great season for us. We played above our expectations and to my luck I didn't have many injuries. We had a difficult period at the beginning of the second part of the season when we had six games without a win, but in the end we managed to get together and get out of the losing streak. I have also progressed on a personal level, having passed for a National B license.
  5. Before I start my career, here's some information on my save. ACTIVE LEAGUES: Seven countries with two active leagues in each country (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Serbia and Croatia). ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS: - FM 2020 Real Names License Fix from FM Scout - FM 2020 Trophies Megapack from FM Scout - Logos FM20 from TCM Logos SKIN: Football Manager 2020 Dark CURRENCY: Euro PAST PLAYING EXPERIENCE: Sunday League Experience COACHING BADGES: National C licenses Let's start ... My goal in this career is to reach the English Premier League and my ultimate goal is to become a Real Madrid manager. But first I have to start from the bottom, and my "escape" from the Balkan starts at the HNK Šibenik, a club that competes in the second Croatian football league. SEASON EXPECTATIONS Board expectations for the season were to finish in the top four (I forgot to make screenshots). TRANSFERS I didn't have any money for transfers, so non-contract players were my only option and some loaned players who wanted to come. THE RESULT I managed the impossible, in my first season with very poor support from the players, we were able to reach the first league. The rules are such that only the team that finishes first goes to the first league, but since the first one has finished Dinamo II (B team) that does not have the right to compete in the first league, we have gone further as the runners-up. TACTICS I always play with offensive tactics and my favorite is 433. Offense is the best defense. I'll post my tactics here so you can download it if you want. Success is guaranteed KAMI tactic.fmf SEASON REVIEW We played the last part of the season great. The chemistry among the players was excellent. We played the last game against direct competitor NK Rudes. They needed a win and we needed a win or a draw. With much luck and plenty of knowledge, we were able to win and bring joy to the fans. Until next season ... peace...
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