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  1. yes and its usually one, two friendly matches in second team and its saved in player history, but for what? player history looks bad with records about 0 league apperances and is too long sometimes.
  2. Hello is chance to improve the records in the player history? i saw a lot strange apperances in second team in friendly matches and its saved in history. i think that is unnecessary if player have 0 league matches. and i saw it in previous FM's. I marked this bug on screenshots
  3. Is there any better than in post above me version of the heffem skin? is the best, one and only playable for me
  4. Hello, i need best 442, 4132, 4222 or 41212 for underdog team. @knap could you recomend tactic?
  5. i changed only AMC role to attacking midfielder - attack, now he have better ratings, more assist and goals BASAKSEHIR 4231.fmf
  6. i played more than half season with this tactic, is very good but AMC rating is under 7
  7. Which tactic will be good for Basaksehir first season? I like most 4231 or 41221
  8. Hi guys! Im looking for some 4231 but here is a lot of tactics and im confused. Which 4231 is the best?
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