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  1. I was just using the large database but I hadn't selected pick all players. Just tried pick all players from England and still players missing. Also when loading all players from England tried the leagues thing too but didn't work.
  2. I'm using the TheFMEditor's level 11 database and as a favour to a friend I'm trying to create the South Shields full team. They have some players in database but others I created by duplication but when in the game no matter the size of database a few players always seem to be missing between the database (25 in squad) and in game (18 in squad). Am I making some sort of basic error because there are duplicated created players in the game but others don't seem to appear.
  3. Yeah i'm the same can't find it in tools have restarted Steam twice and it hasn't appeared but i'm fully updated on the game.
  4. Ah this is possibly a debate for another website but i'll bite. The football authorities only recognise The Rangers as such because the SFA told them they're the same team... now why would the SFA who tried to interfere and first get the new club admitted to the SPL (as it was) then the First Division (as it was) then successfully the Third (ahead of any number of established clubs who would have applied for the empty space). Now why would an organisation that has favoured that said old team have it in their interests for a tribute act to be treated as the real team... denial... being supporters of the oldco... i'm not sure why but if they're the same club why can't they pay the debts act with a bit of humility and stop the persecution complex and admit they got very lucky in having the SFA, SPL and SPFL all go easy on them.
  5. Some of the 'real' League names I don't feel are always correct and since they're hard coded files rather than editor files it's more difficult to do than use an editor file.
  6. Because I'm a petty Hibs fan who thinks when clubs go out of business and come back (not demoted) this should be reflected and considering their current owner said if they got liquidated they'd be a new club I'll agree with him.
  7. The league names... some team names (Rangers to The Rangers, R. Madrid to Real Madrid, etc)
  8. I got it from getgamesgo but you go into my orders and the Steam code is linked to there. I'm unable to play at mo but it definitely downloaded fully on Steam.
  9. The weird thing is I don't have much of a problem when they go up to RM as Odegaard has a few times this season (it's a compliment) it's more the relegating my players into the lower squads that's the annoyance. I had a good balance for a while but kept having to repromote guys from the U19's and C team. It's not as if they were benched they were playing for me but the interference came.
  10. Since RM Castilla are in a bad way in Segunda B2 I thought I'd try and make them the top team in Liga Adelante just as a wee challenge however the players I want in my team Odegaard, Enzo Zidane, Babinski keep being relegated to either RMC or RMU19 and other players foisted on me. No matter how often I change them back or whether they are registered I keep getting notices stealing my players. Surely since I am the senior team I should have primacy of use. Is there anyway I can freeze the squad or take away the responsibility of whom it is that keeps moving my players about as I don't want this happening the day before a game and leaving me short.