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  1. This is a weird one I don't know how to explain it. When I first started there was a tracker of youth minutes on the team squad screen in the rules bar (teams must play u21 Canadian players for 1000 minutes across the season which you've got in the rules) but since I've gone into the fall season I can't find it. Don't want my team to be needlessly fined but I can see no way bar going through manually to track this.
  2. Following guidelines and instead of starting new topic searched and found this. I'm Liechtenstein and Vaduz and as I took over a couple of players declared their availability but I am unable to call them up but others who declared at the same time i am able to do so. They're not in other nations squads and i do have space in my squad to call them up just as you can see no option on the right click to call them up.
  3. There's a good one on Steam that goes all the way down past the Regional Preferente leagues. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307331003
  4. Jaeyah Saelua who was featured in Next Goal Wins with American Samoa was transgender and played for the national team before moving to America to study.
  5. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I did a cursory search using google and searched the usual fansites. Will there be a promotions and relegations file to update the leagues.
  6. Shelley Kerr the current Scotland Women's manager managed Stirling Uni (Scottish Lowland League) before moving back into the women's game. If people can move between as happens a lot the current Glasgow City manager is Scott Booth who previously managed Stenhousemuir. You'd have to find a way to allow movement for the managers.
  7. Definitely BT guys. They show the Non-league Finals Day (Vase and Trophy). Had it recorded specially since I was there watching the Mighty South Shields in May and me and my mate were on screen after a couple of the goals haha. Can't think what the TV rights cost would be.
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