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  1. So after 1 small tweak, we finally scored from a corner... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5pAltuXL7o
  2. SO we've scouted some of the Best young CMs and DMcs in the game looking for bargains... Two of our faves are: Marco Kana Alex Blesa Both cheap as chips. Check out our full lists below. Did we miss out any absolute beasts? Our Full Hidden Gems List - CMs Our Full Hidden Gems List - DMCs
  3. In no particular order... Rodrygo Reiner, Esposito... Best Young South Americans: Youtube: FMWonderkids <<<Click here if you want to see how good these guys are in our infamous 2028 Norwich save!
  4. Man Utd head into Europe with their new signings; Ruben Neves, James Madison and Moussa Dembele <<< Click here to follow the FMWonderkids journey
  5. Anyone noticed there are some bargains to be had from the MLS in terms of contracts expiring also.. We fire through 30 of them here in less than 10 mins... <<<
  6. There's 5 at the end of this vid are pretty sweet for under £20M at the start of the game
  7. Does anyone even use number 10s any more? Or do we all play 4-3-3 now? Some good ones this year mind; Thiago Almada, Dani Olmo, Havertz...
  8. Out of our list above.. We think Tonali is a banker @ <£20m at the start onf the game
  9. We like Ajer from Celtic too. He's under 20m at the start which aint bad... NO SPOILER* but our nuber 1 pick this year you can get for for around 14m at the start of the game... Honerable mention for Perez at Athletico - Release Clause of 13.25m
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