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  1. Since posting I have scored my next 2 penalties. Maybe I was just getting really unlucky?...
  2. Here are all the matches where this has happend Partick Thistle v Ayr.pkm Dunfermline v Ayr.pkm Alloa v Ayr.pkm Ayr v Dundee.pkm Ayr v Alloa.pkm Queen of Sth v Ayr.pkm Ayr v Livingston.pkm
  3. My team have missed every single penalty (8) in a season (once it happened twice in the same game). The animation is always the same - player shoots to the bottom left and keeper saves it. I have had two different penalty takers experience this. Player 1 stats - Penalty taking 20, Composure 10, Finishing 9 Player 2 stats - Penalty Taking 15, Composure 10, Finishing 13 This doesn't seem to affect penalty shoot outs, just penalties taken during the game. Happy to upload my save file if you want to take a look. Thanks
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