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  1. I'm playing with them right now and i just finished the first season in 12th spot. It wasn't amazing but like you said the squad isn't really good. I didin't like their wingers so i played 4-3-1-2 with Pukki and Drmic up top Buendia behind them as a am(s), Steiperman as mez(s) on the left Turnbull or Vrancic as a dlp(d) in the middle and Amadou as a carillero on the right with Aarons wb(a) and Lewis wb(s). Defense was good attack was lacking but the midfield isn't good so i think with better midfielders it would be a better set up. I don't have many TI's just shorter passing, play from back, work ball into box and counter on positive mentality, i enjoyed my first season with them with this tactic so you could try something like this.
  2. So i got promoted to prem in my second season with middlesbrough and at the end of the transfer season my teams average age is like 20-21 as i sold everyone over 25 and avarage determination is like 14-15. I saw matuidi mandzukic and zabaleta were free so i've been thinking to sign them for a year to mentor my boys. They have got great mentals and personalities but they also have a LOT of traits i dont like. I don't really know how mentoring effects players but doing this sounds so logical to me. What would you guys do ?
  3. So I'm playing with Fulham and in 16 games we are second in the league. We are first in goals conceded with only 7, first in possesion with %61, third in chances created with 43 but we are 12th in goals scored with 23 goals and 7 of them were from penalties. I think we have like 10 goals from open play. My front 3 are all above championship level i think, so i don't understand why we can't score. I don't expect Mitrovic to score but i thought i could at least get the wide players to score but they have 2 goals combined. This is how i play: Any help is appreciated.
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