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  1. I made the changes you suggested. Played 5 games, 4 in the league won all 4 of them comfortably and lost to man city in the fa cup 1-0. My CF had 11 goals in 22 games before but he scored 7 in 4 after i made him an AF so looks like that really was the main problem. Thanks a lot for the help. One last question, i was thinking about changing the target man to a deep lying forward but i guess we would run into the same problem as having a TQ and CF next to each other right ? Target mans are hard to find so what other role would you suggest here ?
  2. My system has been quite good for me, first season 2nd in championship, second season 10th in premier league and 7th in prem last season. My squad isn't as strong as any of the top 6 so i know that anything above 7th would be overachieving. But i have 2 issues right now that i can't figure out. First is that even though we always finished good in the prem, every season more than %55-60 of our goals came from set-pieces, i mean both seasons we led the league in goals from corners(i don't even use any tactic its default) and penalties. Second issue is related to this, teams has started to defend deeper against us now, we were already mediocre at creating chances now we can't create anything. 13 games into the season we scored 15 goals, 6 came from set-pieces and 2 from penalties. I feel like the problem is the roles of the midfield trio, i kept changing them but i couldn't find the balanced way, im not sure about the forward roles either and my wingbacks were amazing in the first seasons but for the last year or so their contribution has really dropped but i guess thats also because teams started to defend deeper. So any ideas how to go from here ? Also i have an amazing regen striker coming next year who should make a great dlf so there is that too. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. I'm playing with them right now and i just finished the first season in 12th spot. It wasn't amazing but like you said the squad isn't really good. I didin't like their wingers so i played 4-3-1-2 with Pukki and Drmic up top Buendia behind them as a am(s), Steiperman as mez(s) on the left Turnbull or Vrancic as a dlp(d) in the middle and Amadou as a carillero on the right with Aarons wb(a) and Lewis wb(s). Defense was good attack was lacking but the midfield isn't good so i think with better midfielders it would be a better set up. I don't have many TI's just shorter passing, play from back, work ball into box and counter on positive mentality, i enjoyed my first season with them with this tactic so you could try something like this.
  4. So i got promoted to prem in my second season with middlesbrough and at the end of the transfer season my teams average age is like 20-21 as i sold everyone over 25 and avarage determination is like 14-15. I saw matuidi mandzukic and zabaleta were free so i've been thinking to sign them for a year to mentor my boys. They have got great mentals and personalities but they also have a LOT of traits i dont like. I don't really know how mentoring effects players but doing this sounds so logical to me. What would you guys do ?
  5. So I'm playing with Fulham and in 16 games we are second in the league. We are first in goals conceded with only 7, first in possesion with %61, third in chances created with 43 but we are 12th in goals scored with 23 goals and 7 of them were from penalties. I think we have like 10 goals from open play. My front 3 are all above championship level i think, so i don't understand why we can't score. I don't expect Mitrovic to score but i thought i could at least get the wide players to score but they have 2 goals combined. This is how i play: Any help is appreciated.
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