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  1. Ok, here I am. The first goal is the expression of what I said. In 22:41, Trezeguet takes the ball, and then, despite he has left side free to run and my instructions, he throws the ball ahead. Then, goal conceded. Aston Villa - West Ham United.pkm
  2. Honestly I deleted that game... now I'm playing a new career so when it happens again (and I'm sure it'll happen), I'll attach a PKM
  3. Hello, I'm playing with public beta, and I noticed that, even if you set general and personal instructions (keep the ball, don't take risks), my players makes long throws where there aren't teammates but only opponents. And systematically, opponents take the ball and they score a goal. In the injury time. This happened two times with Internazionale Milano: first time with Godìn, in Champions League, and the second time with Politano, in Serie A (so with strong players).
  4. Thank you very much for your help, <snip>
  5. Hello, I created a brand new team with official editor, but I can't understand how to put 200x200 logo with config. I see every logo except for this team. I checked in official editor the ID of my team but I can't see the logo. TY in advance
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