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  1. so i turned it around ‘kinda’ not losing in 7 games and rising to 14th place (around 1 novemberish). Now my game froze and it was last saved on august 28th. So back at rock bottom. Just gonna go on a holiday to november. EDIT: so instead of my 7 games unbeaten run the holiday went 6 losses and one win.... i might just kill off this career.
  2. Sure u can do it in a league with only one tier as long as there is a relegation/promotion going on and you pick a team that promoted in the first season. Any continent is fine ofcourse i just think the champions league (in europe) will be the hardest. But you can go anywhere in the world as long as you pick a team which was previously unplayable.
  3. I finished 13th while winning the euro cup 2, expected to finish 5th. First time in europe so i like to believe it wasn’t my fault.
  4. I totally agree with you, it is somewhere in between the two. If you play like this anywat, keep me posted.
  5. You have done so many seasons :0, can you show me some if your best players ever?
  6. i'm gonna have another try but this time in finland. meet the new manager of GBK or Gamlakarleby Bollklubb in full. Im from holland so i have no idea where this team is from i just let my family pick a random nation.
  7. So that is the first fail of the challenge. I got relegated with 4 games left to play and just before the youth intake so that was too bad
  8. Youth update, i seem to have been blessed with a good intake if i have to believe this message. Honestly i don't think i'll get to see the day these kids arrive since im rock bottem with 7 points from 22 games!! This is my first time doing this challenge so i didn't expect to complete it on the first try anyway. On the brightside, i'm through to the third round of the cup after a spectaculair win against PSV second in the top division . PS. I changed my ingame to english so that y'all can read it.
  9. update: After 2/3 months i'm rockbottom. Injuries been killing me while i do have the best medical staff in my division it's still hard on the team.
  10. That kid looks great! hope i can get something like that currently in the beginning of season 1
  11. I can finally get started now. Managing Katwijk, a club in my hometown.
  12. I tried to start the challenge in holland but new teams dont get promoted to the second tier edit: in the second season there is 1 team coming up so i will start in the 2021/22 season
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