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  1. i'm gonna have another try but this time in finland. meet the new manager of GBK or Gamlakarleby Bollklubb in full. Im from holland so i have no idea where this team is from i just let my family pick a random nation.
  2. So that is the first fail of the challenge. I got relegated with 4 games left to play and just before the youth intake so that was too bad
  3. Youth update, i seem to have been blessed with a good intake if i have to believe this message. Honestly i don't think i'll get to see the day these kids arrive since im rock bottem with 7 points from 22 games!! This is my first time doing this challenge so i didn't expect to complete it on the first try anyway. On the brightside, i'm through to the third round of the cup after a spectaculair win against PSV second in the top division . PS. I changed my ingame to english so that y'all can read it.
  4. update: After 2/3 months i'm rockbottom. Injuries been killing me while i do have the best medical staff in my division it's still hard on the team.
  5. That kid looks great! hope i can get something like that currently in the beginning of season 1
  6. I can finally get started now. Managing Katwijk, a club in my hometown.
  7. I tried to start the challenge in holland but new teams dont get promoted to the second tier edit: in the second season there is 1 team coming up so i will start in the 2021/22 season
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