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  1. Actually it's not that bad - this 4-5-1 got 18/20 on FM Base and it's your 5th tactic overall
  2. I think it's great we have 2 tactic testing leagues and both are extremely helpful when picking a tactic for your team. Many thanks and keep up the good work FM Base and MrL. The other thing is that it's impossible to create a perfect tactic testing model (same as perfect tactic) - FM is too complicated itself, you need to make too many assumptions and the game is random to some extent. So no test can determine which tactic guarantees a 100% success in every save, but I find both tests as really important guides (even FM arena testing league can give us some hints, but that thing with reputation and underdog team performing better than sub-top in most cases makes those tests results really flawed)
  3. I'm surprised that the new Argus did better for sub-top in FM Base test than for underdog (comparing to Argus first version). I expected it would be the opposite as the new one looks for me like a more defensive formation.
  4. You're right, 105pts version with a DM is already tested, I checked the table only. So it's 18/20, pretty good. I was wondering if it's gonna be much better than ARGUS 3-5-2
  5. Looking forward to FM 20.2.3 ARGUS 3322 test results, as tactics with 3 defenders and wing backs appear to be most efficient again.
  6. hey knap, do you think it's a good idea to make tequila symmetric? I mean moving DM and CM inside, same as in wulf. FM says that it should be better, as this reddish area in the middle is covered better, but I haven't tried it yet and just want to confirm if there's something behind this asymmetric formation. thanks
  7. And the best version of WULF 4132 is the one with DM and CM? What is the difference if you compare to the second one, with playmakers? Is DM/CM more stable defensively, concedes less? Thanks
  8. By 'symphony' you mean 'sympathy for the devil' or did I miss a new tactic here?
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