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  1. Are you with the latest version of file? I have no problem too in last file however the latest 07 Jun update one have such problem. I am using 23.4 database to start at Aug 22. 23/24 season are like the below
  2. i.e. Results between teams in the top "4" positions are used to sort teams in Second Place Teams table should to added. I've tried to locate this in editor but fail to locate it.
  3. Hi, I've tried it and found that the UEFA Qualification is not fair to team with 4 teams (Group G-L). In reality the best second place would exlude the result of the match result with fifth team in group A-F, which didn't been applied in your ranking setting. Is it possible to set this? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Starting with Aug 2022 and there is not legaue game in 23/24 year while having QNB Cup, Emir Cup and crown prince cup only.
  5. Hi, It seems something wrong in the latest file as 23/24 season is skipped and do not have any league game in 23/24 and resume in 24/25. Could you update it or send the back up old version for it. Thanks.
  6. Nice Work Bro, but could you share again with the 7/8 team 23.4ver in mediafire as somebody have no Steam access like me. Many Thanks.
  7. Hi what do you mean by "real" ranking. May i know if anyone of them would have variable coefficient accordingly to the result each year?
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