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  1. This hasn't been fixed in the new update it been a know issue for about 4 months now. Apart from 2 hotfix there hasn't been any bugs sorted out for 3 months is there going to be another update or has the game been abandoned now
  2. Are players still playing for the U21 after being call up to the senior team after the new update
  3. This has been a problem for a number of years and been reported a number of times. All player on loan never play for there national team. Im playing as an international manager and some games teams i play cant name an 18 man squad because they called up a lot of players on loan.
  4. Hi im playing as the England national team manager and player that i pick for the senior team are also getting pick for the U21 and playing for both, it kind of making it impossible to play
  5. I can understand that and think it can be a good thing but my problem is im playing with man utd and Mason Greenwoid plateaued aftet one gamre into season, his only development is a +1 in leadership. How long will it take to get rid of it acouple of month or years he traly needs stats boost because he hasnt had one yet
  6. The hole player is plateaued is starting to **** me off. About 20 gamrs into the season and 7 players have a couple haven't improved at all. Player mentoring doesn't do anything for them
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