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  1. they honestly need to sort this game out not we pay 20 quid for every year
  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one seeing this completely ruins the game for me personally one of the main reasons I buy this game every year is the realism of it but if there not even gonna put enough managers in the game then I don’t see the point of spending 20 pound a year if there not gonna bother making an effort very disappointed this year in major need of an update
  3. has Anyone else got the problem with random regen managers getting top jobs despite only being in the first season for example in my save there was regens we’re managing watford West Ham, rangers leeds and nearly all the clubs in league 1 and league 2 and some of the championship clubs even for me it’s just ruining the game and gives it no realism just wondering if I was only feeling like this..
  4. Had same thing but mine was right from the beginning gerrard was replaced by a regen with the first 6 months of my save very strange and kinda ruins it for me....
  5. Anyone having this problem with random managers getting big jobs right at the beginning?
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