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  1. The narrow defensive width was put in there by mistake and I changed it later. I have made the changes you suggested and hopefully it will work out well, thanks for the feedback!
  2. Since I have never been good at making tactics in Football Manager I thought Barcelona was a good team to go with due to its quality squad. I just created this tactic and I'm wondering what could be improved on it. I would like my team to control the games with short passing and patiently waiting for a good run behind the defence I'm thinking about having at least one of the central midfielders having a "More Direct Passes" PI to add some directness to get behind the defence, but maybe that could ruin the patient short passing play if he's told to be more direct and instead just loo
  3. I think you should try lowering your pressing and only have your front 5 doing high pressure via player instructions. I would also try lowering the back line + LoE. Hopefully this will help against good counter attacking sides
  4. Are you using a different skin than the original one? Because I have the same issue and switching to the original skin was the only way I could fix it at least
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