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  1. The function was ninja deleted in FM2020...it wasnt announced at all. They say they will TRY to bring it back but no mention when....
  2. Even my FMT2018 works on iPadOS13....
  3. Thanks Dev, I will purchase again when the sync option is back. For the time being, I refunded the game and play on my PC version. Not that I don't support your products, just that you guys miss this most important portion of it.
  4. A freaking FMT with no cross sync is not worth playing anymore.....don't expect me to bring my laptop around to just play FMT....
  5. Do you peeps get the cross sync button in your touch game? I dont see mine there.
  6. I cant see the sync option on my FMT 2020....what happen? I am using IPAD PRO. i played on my laptop and save via steam cloud and it doesnt sync instantly. I have check on the steam cloud for the saved file is there but it's not sync to my IPAD...Help~
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