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  1. I advertised for a physio. 6 applications were received yet when I click on 'View applicants', no-one is showing. The filter shows it is set to "Applied for Job - Is - Physio.
  2. I've noticed a few times that when I check with a player's agent about the player's availability that the line, "Will play player in preferred position and role" is duplicated.
  3. After winning the league from Liverpool by a single point last season you'd think the board would want me to do that again. No, they were just happy with a top 10 finish! Not even top 5 or top 4 for CL football but just a top 10 finish was all they wanted. Perhaps they knew something I did as my first 4 league fixtures were a 2-0 win over newly promoted Millwall, a 0-0 draw with Norwich, a nasty 6-0 loss to Liverpool and a 2-2 draw with Sheffield. Eventually I realised I had to change my formation mid-season as I was losing games I should have won and drew too many others. I went from a 4
  4. Sounds like a plan. I've got Bellingham so I'll check out how much it would cost to get Tonali and Camavinga. I have them both scouted but didn't realise the trio was the holy midfield for FM20!
  5. He's got another year left but I do have the option to extend it for another year. What should I set as a minimum if I have to sell him? £150m?
  6. Hmm so PSG have made their inevitable offer for Pogba which will have the effect of destabalising him. I don't want to sell Pogba as I think he is useful and an adequate replacement would cost loads. If I do have to sell him what should I ask PSG for? I'm thinking at least £100m up front and £40m in instalments? Should Pogba leave, who's a good replacement I can realistically sign for Utd in June 2020 in game?
  7. Damn and blast! I used the 1024 embed code and that is way too small. I've used the original 3440 code and it looks better to me. Think I've cracked it now.
  8. Sorry about that! I hadn't worked out what I did last night and couldn't remember how to get the screenshots to show. They should be visible now?
  9. Yeah £155k is a lot. I finished the season a few months ago and haven't played since I got the message asking me to confirm his signing. I've been meaning to post here about the league win and Esposito but haven't got around to it before now! Whilst £155k is a lot I can afford it as things are now and should I get rid of most/all the players I want to then there'll be loads of wages spare. He's on £19.75k a week at Inter but did sign a new contract in May of this year. Thanks! It was probably my finest achievement ever in FM and I've been playing since FM05!! My team was third in
  10. So somehow I won the league by 1 point from Liverpool! I was doing very well in the league and was almost 10 points ahead until the 20.4.x patches came along and my results just seemed to suffer after that. The lead we had over Liverpool and City shrank until we were in the position of having to win each league game to get a 1 point lead back again! I was given a decent kitty of £206m when Chelsea very kindly drew with someone and thus were limited to a 5th place in the league. I've signed Rayan Ait-Nouri for LB for £16m, Marcos Llorente for MC for £36m and Federico Chiesa for AMR for £40
  11. Are you looking for first XI level players or to improve your backups? I sign Thilo Kehrer from PSG at the beginning of an FM20 save. Before the 20.4 patch he'd cost about £5.5m. On my current 20.4.1 save I got him for £3.9m! He's good enough to challenge Lindelof for the right to partner Maguire. I've also just signed Rugani from Juventus for £13.25m after he got listed. He's probably not got the potential to oust Maguire as the lead DC but I think he's better than Rojo/Jones and probabably also Bailly and Smalling. Bailly is just too injury prone to keep as a long-term prospect. CM wise
  12. MR or AMR? Does it take him long to become good enough as a winger?
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