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  1. Hi Viktor, The issue is tagged as resolved. I've just had a response to an advert for a U18 coach. I clicked the 'View Applicants' button and nothing showed up. Is this resolved and fixed in the current 21.1.3 patch or will it be added to a later patch?
  2. I advertised for a physio. 6 applications were received yet when I click on 'View applicants', no-one is showing. The filter shows it is set to "Applied for Job - Is - Physio.
  3. After winning the league from Liverpool by a single point last season you'd think the board would want me to do that again. No, they were just happy with a top 10 finish! Not even top 5 or top 4 for CL football but just a top 10 finish was all they wanted. Perhaps they knew something I did as my first 4 league fixtures were a 2-0 win over newly promoted Millwall, a 0-0 draw with Norwich, a nasty 6-0 loss to Liverpool and a 2-2 draw with Sheffield. Eventually I realised I had to change my formation mid-season as I was losing games I should have won and drew too many others. I went from a 4-2-3-1 to a traditional 4-4-2. This meant I needed more strikers and fewer central midfielders! I found that Pogba and Fernandes gave me enough creativity and strength in the middle so I had to find time for McTominay, Doucoure, Llorente and Camavinga. Bit of a struggle to fit 6 players into 2 available positions. I knew I couldn't really rely on Martial and Rashford for strikers so I signed some Norwegian kid called Haaland and Andrea Belotti from City for £46m. Greenwood came good so I was able to rotate him, Martinez, Haaland and Belotti and scored a good number of goals. All 4 strikers achieved hat tricks across the various competitions. Ultimately we finished 4th, 21 points short of our league winning total. We achieved 4th with 3 games left, i.e. we couldn't get 3rd and 5th couldn't beat us so I was able to play some weaker teams for the last 3 games as I had somehow managed to get to an FA Cup final v Liverpool and a Champions League final v PSG! I wanted to keep my first XI rested and safe from injury. Liverpool took us to extra time and penalties in the FA Cup after 0-0 in normal time. Thankfully Alexander-Arnold and Origi missed their kicks so we won 4-2 on penalties!! On to St Petersburg for the Champions League final. I really didn't expect to win so when Haaland scored on 13 minutes I thought, "OK still going to lose but at least PSG won't get a clean sheet." Naturally the Brazilian drama queen Neymar Jr scored 2 minutes later to make me think we wouldn't get it and PSG would finally win the holy grail. Martinez scored on 36 minutes to give me the lead again. By now I'm thinking this could be on. Course no-one told Luke Shaw that who gave away a silly penalty on 63 minutes that Neymar took and converted, who else?! It's now 2-2 and I'm thinking that if we lose this I'm selling Shaw in revenge. We won but I might still sell him. The only reason I'm not sure is that I don't think Brandon Williams will ever be good enough to be 1st choice LB and Rayan Ait-Nouri isn't ready yet. Nothing happens in 90 minutes so extra time again. Now I'm thinking there's either no way we'll make it through extra time without PSG winning it or, if we do, they'll spank us on penalties. No way am I going to get away with going to extra time in two successive cup finals! Again no-one had told Haaland this who scored on 105 minutes to make it 3-2 and I'm resisting the urge to change from positive to balanced in case PSG get a break. Pogba, who was injured part way through the 2nd half of the FA Cup final was only fit enough for 60 minutes so I benched him and put Matheus Henrique in his place alongside Bruno. So with Bruno not having a brilliant game I brought Pogba on in the 107th minute to put some steel into midfield and keep hold of the 3-2 lead when he takes the ball in the 119th minute and scores an absolute screamer to give us a 4-2 win over PSG! Season overview FA Cup final result Champions League final result This is the formation I went to part way through the season. Perhaps if I'd realised a few league games earlier I would have been close enough to City/Liverpool/Chelsea to challenge for a top 3 finish but hey-ho to finish 4th, win FA Cup and Champions League with the difficulties we had in a) scoring enough goals to actually win games and b) not conceding goals this is a very good season. Too many times we only seemed to score 1 goal and then inevitably the opposition would get a late goal and we'd be struggling to find a winner. The best thing about the season? More than beating Liverpool in the FA Cup and PSG in the Champions League final? The unexpected bonus that with Chelsea nicking 2nd place from Liverpool on the final day and Utd taking the FA Cup, Liverpool sacked Klopp the same day as losing to us at Wembley for a poor league position! I've decided that with Maguire only having 10 for acceleration and 12 for pace with Tuanzebe 15/17, Rugani 12/15 and Kehrer 13-17 respectively and Tuanzebe/Rugani also 16 for position that perhaps the time has come to offload Harry and replace him with a faster DC. I saw Pau Torres mentioned higher up in the thread. He's got a good review from my scouts, wants to leave Villareal and has a minimum release fee of £60m but hopefully I can get him for between £36 and £49.5m if the scout report is accurate. I might also let one of Rugani and Kehrer go as Milenkovic is listed for transfer with a fee of £39.5m. That would leave me with 4 DCs and I feel I should have 5 for injuries/suspension/form etc so I might just sell Maguire and sign Torres and Milenkovic to strengthen the defence. I would go for Dias but Chelsea got him instead. I think the time has come for McTominay and Gomes to leave. I can't fit McTominay into my plans and Gomes just hasn't improved enough. I'll have to check my homegrown numbers obviously before I left them go. Stadium wise the expansion to 83,885 was done for the middle of January with an FA Cup 4th round replay v Blackburn on February 3rd the first match to see a new high attendance for the season. I cheekily asked the board on the day the new capacity was available for another expansion and they said yes! The new stadium capacity will be 95,285 and will be ready for 27th December 2021 so hopefully for either the Boxing Day match, if we're at home, or one of the other post-Christmas matches I should be able to get a new record attendance. To pay for the £28.5m cost of planning and building the original expansion £250k a month was added to the monthly debt repayments, taking it up to £5.5m. I'm sure we'll see something similar for the new expansion but I've seen higher gate receipts and match day income from the few months the higher capacity was available and that was with the capacity reduced by 8k or so for the works to be done. Hopefully season ticket income will be higher than last season now we've got the higher capacity, albeit a bit reduced to 78,852 for the new works. That and higher gate receipts and match day income will hopefully wipe out the £250k and whatever gets added this time to the month debts. Normally the high monthly debt repayments and the time to get rid of the debt makes me give up on previous saves with older FM versions but in June 2025 the debt repayments should go down by £2m as that particular debt should be paid off unless the Glazers mess things around again! Being in May 2021 that's only 4 years away and with the promising squad and higher income from being in Champions League and higher capacities at OT I'm going to keep on with this save whilst we wait for FM21 and might even keep it going side-by-side when FM21 does come out.
  4. Sounds like a plan. I've got Bellingham so I'll check out how much it would cost to get Tonali and Camavinga. I have them both scouted but didn't realise the trio was the holy midfield for FM20!
  5. He's got another year left but I do have the option to extend it for another year. What should I set as a minimum if I have to sell him? £150m?
  6. Hmm so PSG have made their inevitable offer for Pogba which will have the effect of destabalising him. I don't want to sell Pogba as I think he is useful and an adequate replacement would cost loads. If I do have to sell him what should I ask PSG for? I'm thinking at least £100m up front and £40m in instalments? Should Pogba leave, who's a good replacement I can realistically sign for Utd in June 2020 in game?
  7. Damn and blast! I used the 1024 embed code and that is way too small. I've used the original 3440 code and it looks better to me. Think I've cracked it now.
  8. Sorry about that! I hadn't worked out what I did last night and couldn't remember how to get the screenshots to show. They should be visible now?
  9. Yeah £155k is a lot. I finished the season a few months ago and haven't played since I got the message asking me to confirm his signing. I've been meaning to post here about the league win and Esposito but haven't got around to it before now! Whilst £155k is a lot I can afford it as things are now and should I get rid of most/all the players I want to then there'll be loads of wages spare. He's on £19.75k a week at Inter but did sign a new contract in May of this year. Thanks! It was probably my finest achievement ever in FM and I've been playing since FM05!! My team was third in the league for goals scored (Liverpool scored 84, City scored 75 and we scored 73) but we only conceded 18 goals, City conceded 26 and Liverpool 28. Weirdly that means the top 3 goal scoring teams are reversed in order for the top 3 least conceded goals. De Gea kept 23 clean sheets and Ederson kept 17. Alisson was 4th with 14 clean sheets. Clean sheets: As for formation I played a 4-2-3-1. I did sometimes drop a player to DMC but I found that I just didn't score goals so having an AMC was better for me to score goals. Since Matic left I haven't really had anyone I felt I could trust as DMC, I know Fred can kind of do that but he only made 9 league starts as I found a Pogba/Fernandes/Doucoure midfield triangle worked quite well with McTominay being an able deputy for the MC roles and Perreira for the AMC role when needed for injury/suspension/fitness cover. Formation:
  10. So somehow I won the league by 1 point from Liverpool! I was doing very well in the league and was almost 10 points ahead until the 20.4.x patches came along and my results just seemed to suffer after that. The lead we had over Liverpool and City shrank until we were in the position of having to win each league game to get a 1 point lead back again! I was given a decent kitty of £206m when Chelsea very kindly drew with someone and thus were limited to a 5th place in the league. I've signed Rayan Ait-Nouri for LB for £16m, Marcos Llorente for MC for £36m and Federico Chiesa for AMR for £40m. I have managed to sell Marcos Rojo to Fulham for an initial £13m and I'm also actively trying to move Mata and Lingard on. I have signed Jude Bellingham, Daniele Rugani, Lautaro Martinez and Mike Maignan in January 2020 so I could look into getting rid of Andreas Perreira as well as Lingard as there is a lot of players for the AM C/R/L roles. I'm going to try to sell Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Alexis Sanchez, Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof to trim the squad down considering my purchases so far. Having Rashford, Martial, Greenwood and Martinez I have a question. I have the option of signing Sebastiano Esposito from Inter for £21m. Should I? Is he worth it? I could use Rashford and Martial at AML, Chiesa/James at AMR with Greenwood/Martinez/Esposito as strikers and Bellingham providing competition to AM R/C/L players. I have £123m left in the budget so I can easily afford Esposito and if I can offload Mata/Lingard/Jones/Smalling/Sanchez/Bailly/Lindelof/Perreira in addition to Rojo that reduces the wage bill by £1m a week! I'm already £482k a week under it so I can easily afford Esposito's wages of £155k a week. Should I sign him? Final league table:
  11. Are you looking for first XI level players or to improve your backups? I sign Thilo Kehrer from PSG at the beginning of an FM20 save. Before the 20.4 patch he'd cost about £5.5m. On my current 20.4.1 save I got him for £3.9m! He's good enough to challenge Lindelof for the right to partner Maguire. I've also just signed Rugani from Juventus for £13.25m after he got listed. He's probably not got the potential to oust Maguire as the lead DC but I think he's better than Rojo/Jones and probabably also Bailly and Smalling. Bailly is just too injury prone to keep as a long-term prospect. CM wise I like Abdoulaye Doucoure from Watford. £38m is probably a bit much but I wanted a pretty strong CM with a decent amount of vision to partner Pogba for the short-term whilst I see how McTominay develops.
  12. MR or AMR? Does it take him long to become good enough as a winger?
  13. Made an enquriry for Jude Bellingham. Birmingham wanted £45.5m, 40% of profit for next sale and a friendly. I've negotiated £25m, 30% and a friendly. Good deal?
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