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  1. Are you looking for first XI level players or to improve your backups? I sign Thilo Kehrer from PSG at the beginning of an FM20 save. Before the 20.4 patch he'd cost about £5.5m. On my current 20.4.1 save I got him for £3.9m! He's good enough to challenge Lindelof for the right to partner Maguire. I've also just signed Rugani from Juventus for £13.25m after he got listed. He's probably not got the potential to oust Maguire as the lead DC but I think he's better than Rojo/Jones and probabably also Bailly and Smalling. Bailly is just too injury prone to keep as a long-term prospect. CM wise I like Abdoulaye Doucoure from Watford. £38m is probably a bit much but I wanted a pretty strong CM with a decent amount of vision to partner Pogba for the short-term whilst I see how McTominay develops.
  2. MR or AMR? Does it take him long to become good enough as a winger?
  3. Made an enquriry for Jude Bellingham. Birmingham wanted £45.5m, 40% of profit for next sale and a friendly. I've negotiated £25m, 30% and a friendly. Good deal?
  4. I do a very similar thing in terms of trying to get the training categories to 5* if possible and with all categories having a light workload. I took a bit of effort with my latest save to work on U23 and U18 coaches/training as well to get all three squads with 5* training and light workloads as much as possible. I've managed to get 5* in Goal Keeping (both), Defending Tactical and Fitness (both) and then 4.5* in Attacking Technical and Possession Tactical. That leaves Defending Technical, Attacking Tactical and Possession Technical on 4* and for the life of me I can't find 4.5 or 5* coaches to sign to get all the categories up to at least 4.5* which I think is the bare minimum for a club like Utd. There are people out there who are 4.5* or 5* but they all want to be HOYDs or Assistant Managers etc and I've already replaced those roles so I'll have to wait to see if new coaches appear in the game that I can sign. When it comes to the physios, I look for anyone who has 20 for Physiotherapy and if I have spare slots available sign them. Where I need to remove a current member of staff I offer mutual termination to the physio with the lowest Physiotherapy score and bump the average Physiotherapy rating up a bit.
  5. Finding that Martial up front and Rashford on the left works very well compared to the other way round.
  6. Same. I have a 4-2-3-1 tactic running, like I did in FM19. I am drawing a lot of games that I score first in simply because whilst we score, we don't follow it up with a second goal and end up drawing. I then have a go at the team but they get annoyed with me. I did beat Liverpool 2-1 at home by going into defensive mode. Now that we've had a few ME changes I might start a new game and start again and not make the mistakes I made in the beta.
  7. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I knew I'd have to give Telles a lot of game time. If I had Shaw + Rojo say, I could justify giving Telles game time but as I have Tierney and Shaw I can't really buy Telles, sell Shaw and relegate Tierney to being the 2nd DL. Not exactly struggling with HG players though. Just about met the 8 players requirement but haven't got a lot of room to play with until/unless I promote the youth players to first team such as Tuanzebe, Fosu-Mensah, Gomes and Chong etc.
  8. Should I sign Alex Telles for £30m? I am in November 2019. I have Luke Shaw and Kieran Tierney. I'm concerned about Shaw's injury proneness but selling him to make way for Telles would rob me of a HG (club) player.
  9. Overclockers. UK IT company's forums. forums.overclockers.co.uk I bid about £73m and after a bit of thinking they accepted it. The history page only shows the league info doesn't it? Doesn't show all games such as cup and European? Problem is now that Barca and Real Madrid have come in for Bailly and he wants to leave. Both clubs initial offers are lower than his actual value. His contract runs until end of season so might have to sell him. PSG came in for De Gea but I asked him to stay. Luckily his contract runs until 2023.
  10. Last season I used a 4-1-2-3 formation. Used Lukaku on Attacking Forward or Poacher. Rashford was used as a Poacher mainly. Martial I have barely used as a striker, almost exclusively as an AML. Arp I've barely used since I bought him so can't comment. Greenwood looks OK, will give him a few games next season to see how he progresses. Been on another forum I frequent and been suggested Belotti of Torino. £90m foreign club release fee so think I'll get him as the Lukaku money pretty much pays for Belotti's transfer fee. Trying to get Rashford to perform is a task! You know the Season Stats on a player's page? Any idea how to get the last season stats to show up? Want to better examine how Rashford did last season. I can tell you that he made 24 league appearances and scored 5 goals with an average rating of 6.78. I'm clearly not getting the right instructions/roles to get Rashford performing as I know he can.
  11. Real Madrid made an offer of £66.5m up-front with another £27.5 in 6 instalments to make a total of £94m for Lukaku. I rejected it even though Lukak said he wanted to go. I refused the offer. That set off a squad mutiny as they all feel I should let him go. They have now made another offer of £73m up-front with £30.5m in 6 instalments to total £103m. I don't think I'll be able to reject the offer, keep Lukaku and the rest of the squad happy. Lukaku is worth £55m and is on £180k a week. I have Rashford, Martial and Fiete Arp as my other strikers. Sanchez is out for 3 months with a torn calf muscle and is nearly 31 so I can't depend on him to be my long term striker. Should I sell Lukaku? I am about to start the 2019/2020 season. I have £85m of my transfer budget left, having spent £54m on Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and £53m on Daniele Rugani. Add on the £73m gives me at least £158m to spend. I'm trying to clear out Matic and Rojo which could add another £30m or so to the kitty. If I do sell Lukaku, who should I sign to replace him?
  12. I sold Valencia to Guangzhou for £12.75m pretty easily. He wanted to go for the $$$. I loaned Young to CSKA Moscow but have had to recall him due to injuries. Haven't tried to sell Fellaini yet but after managing to get two yellow cards in 3 minutes and a straight red in another match I want him gone. Rooney has started to decline on my save and Schweinsteiger, whilst good, is too old and slow, as is Carrick, so I think I'll get rid of those four to save a bulk in wages and replace them.
  13. Totally agree with you. If he were playing regular first team football and was worth a bit more I'd be happier handing over £25m but I think I could have got AC Milan down to £20-22m had I really tried. I think I'll leave him at AC Milan and see how he develops and go back later when he actually starts to show signs of fulfilling his potential.
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