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  1. I believe regen faces are not available on tablets
  2. Same, I'm checking everyday since the bugs are a blocker for me. Hoping they will fix everything before the winter shutdown
  3. Understandable. I would be ok with 4 leagues, as I don't usually load UK leagues. Last year there were save games with 100K players and more leagues (5, 10) that people were using on Android and iOS without issues.
  4. 5 nations should be a minimum, you can load Europe's top 5. 6 would be even better as you could load europe top 5 + your home country. How can you create a good save on iPads/Androids where we have 3 nation limit?
  5. Here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/836-bugs-found-on-android/ And this is how:
  6. full retain-all database can be created only on Touch Mac/PC?
  7. Stadia can be used on iOS through Stadium Browser. Stadia is free, but you'll have to buy the game in their Store
  8. I've played some FULL FM20 on my iPad using cloud gaming (Shadow). You can also try Stadia, it should be even easier.
  9. I played both for ~20 hours, and after playing PES 21 (never really played PES), FIFA 21 (which I played every year, having hundreds of hours) just seems dull. FIFA gameplay is so arcadey (didn't notice that before). I didn't like PES either, because their menus are outdated, online mode is complete trash. Anyway, PES gameplay feels like a real game of football.
  10. Most of all I want to be able to select at least 5 countries on iPad Pro when starting a new save. I also would like to be able to declare desire for a player, as now I have no way to sway a player that is not interested to start negociations. Squad dynamics/FFP/Squad registration would also be nice.
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