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  1. Hi @knap, What tactic would you recommend that makes use of AMR and AML + one striker (4231 and 4141) that is good overall? Most top tactics user MR and ML, but there are fewer players for these positions. Also is there a post that explains the differences between the names you give to tactics (what is Kashmir, PW, Fire & Water, etc)? Thanks a lot!
  2. I have a problem with Bloodlust V3. I have a lot of shoots on target and off target, but rarely score something. Is this because of the ability of my players? I've played with a team from VNL.
  3. I'll try tweaking my tactic this weekend, but: I played using two different saves, one with Real Madrid, and one with a new save in Vanarama South with a almost default gegenpress, and about 4/5 goals are either free kicks, corners, throw-ins.
  4. If they fix the high amount of goals from Set Pieces it could be very good. Most of the goals in my matches came from set pieces ~80%.
  5. Beta has been updated to patch that was released yesterday, so there is no difference between beta and no beta at the moment.
  6. Last time, the delay between full and Android/iOS was 25h. Should be out soon
  7. That would be great! It would make it possible to play full FM on a tablet also
  8. Are you using a custom skin? If so - revert to default
  9. I've checked on Android and it seems there are loads of players with Determination = 1. Seems like FMT is affected too.
  10. The game runs smoothly on my tablet, but I absolutely hate the 3 leagues' restriction. Put the restriction under a checkbox in the preferences so we can choose. I suspect you don't want to ruin the game for less able devices by letting user select more leagues but you can put a big red warning if they go past the recommended limit. At least increase the limit to 5.
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