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  1. Thanks. Out of interest, will I play both fixtures and 39 games this season? Little edge in the title race 👀
  2. Everton away in the league twice. I went forward a few days and the fixture list remains the same. Both also in the Premier League fixture list.
  3. I’m a fellow low-block lover and imo it’s better this year. Defending in a low-block has always been fine mostly, but my issues have been throw-ins and wide free-kicks being a massive killer. Naturally defending deep you concede these and they were quite overpowered imo. This year they are less overpowered. The entire match engine is massively improved and I really recommend this years version of the game.
  4. Hey thanks for you advice. I liked your point of pressure points and the idea was to stay narrow and then press them on the flanks but I guess having Deulofeu/Willems there makes it tricky on my part. Very useful though thank you.
  5. I suppose if I was to compare it to a real life team it would be Southampton since they switched formation to the back 4. Perhaps I’ve overestimated how ambitious they are.
  6. Hey guys, I’m back looking for more advice on my Watford save. In my last 5 games I have conceded in each a goal from a deep free-kick/wide free-kick. It’s an issue I need to solve because it’s costing me points. I was wondering if there was a link to a post discussing how to defend these because basically I’m have no idea what I’m doing with them. I’ve put my setup below. For the wide free-kicks my taller players zonal mark whilst the smaller players are just on go back. Any advice or link to advice would be much appreciated. Also, I do spend a lot of time in training working on them so I thi
  7. Thanks for the reply I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve lowered the tempo to standard and pressing intensity to more urgent now too and we’re getting better control of games so that was good advice. I might try those roles out at some point too. Between Celik, Doucoure and Deulofeu I can probably find something similar because Celik is a good passer and Doucoure loves to get forward. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll definitely implement some of it and hopefully it will improve. Just to explain my thinking the idea behind the narrow attack is because I’m going long a lot I know there will be turnover and second balls so I want players to be close together to challenge for it with the counter press.. Once we pick that up I want the winger/fullbacks to cross for the two strikers. That’s why I went BWM/B2B because I thought they’d win those loose balls from the forwards. That’s the idea anyway. I’ll drop the pressing for sure because it isn’t really working. The winger still col
  9. Hey guys just looking for a little bit of advice on my tactic. This season my Watford team are just not pressing very well. I want us to be quite a direct, pressing team but it isn’t quite ticking yet. I’m 6 games in and doing ok but I’m yet to get a clean sheet and the reason is I concede a lot of set-pieces because I give so many fouls away or the opposition just knock the ball around my press with ease and create chances. Is the tactic bad, are the players just not good enough tacklers, or is it something else? I’ve tried pressing less but then I just get dominated so it feels like catch-22
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