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  1. yeh the ones where they stop ball on touchline but the player go out of the pitch is so damn annoying, concede so many goals on the break like this.
  2. Hey dan, cheers for the hard work putting this together. no crashes, played the whole season out at level 8, anyway done Basingstoke made the play offs, but wont let me play the play off matches just gets stuck on the match preview page with the fixtures
  3. the scout assignment page now looking good and the club info screen is amazing, only found this skin this year but absolutely adore it, all the info right in front of you all the time top work
  4. check in the development centre on the menu, the youth squads are now both in there.
  5. In limbo, with bolton but want all the data change in my game so starting a fresh save, pointless continuing with my beta save now as ive decided to start a new one but cant start a new one with determination of "1"
  6. Just cant see it being a absolutley positive yes, if it was i would start a fresh save now.
  7. the most annoying thing for me is the guys at SI have made the long term saves a priority this year and added some really goood features, but cant start a game with my youth players having a determination of 1
  8. Its damn fustrating tho, did a bolton save, but wanted to start a fresh so all the data changes are in my game, but and this means i cant start my new game on release.
  9. When did the determination bug start? I started a game at the start of the beta and ive checked and the determination for youth players that are now 2 seasons in seem normal, will these players with "1" stats improve?
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