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  1. Hi, Jurgen Klopp has just told me that I'm playing Rhys Williams out of position during loan spell. As you'll see, I'm not, so think it's a bug. Thanks, Lee FM21 Bug.docx
  2. Sorry for my late response. This has now sorted itself out on mine. I windowed it and then unwindowed and it was fine.
  3. I can't even seem to find a resolution to change, I have zoomed out and still didn't work. It's currently windowed and it seems okay, which for now is okay, would typically rather not play windowed though. Thanks, Lee
  4. Hi, I've previously reported the cursor issues but not I can't even see the options to come out of the preference screen, Thanks, Lee FMBug21.docx FM21 Bug.docx
  5. Hi, I've just installed and my cursor isn't lining up right with what I want to click on. In the instance of starting a new game I can't even see the options to click on - I have tried this zoomed out too. I've attached a screenshot to show an example. Thanks, Lee FM21 Bug.docx
  6. Anyone know how to still get transparency but have an instant result?
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