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  1. I'm enjoying a sort-of-lopsided 4-4-2 based on a real-life example, and I'm delighted I've got it working as i've not had much success like that before. I've just finished re-reading Inverting the Pyramid and the section about Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest gave me some ideas for my current game. It refers to Cloughie's 4-4-2 which had John Robertson as a left-winger playing really high and not worried too much about tracking back, because it's balanced on the other side by Martin O'Neil playing right mid but actually sitting fairly narrow. His narrowness also allowed Vic Richardson to overlap up the right-hand side as well. After some tinkering, and some settings that related to the Club Vision, I have an attacking left Wing-Back who overlaps my Inverted Winger, and the other side as an attacking winger who is backed-up by a more defensive right back. It was a chapter that got me thinking about how I could apply to my team as I felt it would work with the squad I have, and sure enough it is working an absolute treat (as Mainz in the Bundesliga).
  2. He had me as favourite personnel from the day of the intake which is why I was convinced he was my son. Not the first time I've been involved in a paternity dispute but hopefully the last...
  3. Weird coincidence then I guess that he has my surname. I'll need to check if any of the other intake have me as a favoured personnel, but that's quite unusual as well isn't it...that a youth intake player would have the first team manager listed as favourite personnel?
  4. Could it be though that I'm listed as Manager because I'm his manager? And if I wasn't his manager, it would change? That's what I've decided is the case regardless of the answers...
  5. Bumping this old thread...I think I've just got a son in my youth intake. I'm old enough, and he has the same surname, birth place is the town where the club is based and I'm down as one his favourite personnel (as a 'Manager') I read somewhere else I would be listed as a "father figure" if he was my son...anyone know if that's correct? There's too many other coincidences for it not to be my son, it's not a common surname for starters.
  6. My two cents on this thread/style of play. This is my favourite FM formation and my preferred way to play but marrying the two - and creating an identity for my main save - has been a struggle. As has been mentioned, simply copying the system exactly didn't work for the players in my squad but the overall principals have helped develop an overall system and identity to work with. I'm now expanding it to all of my coaches and staff members, applying attribute specific scout searches and selling players without the required work rate for the press. What's great about threads like this are the reminders that there lots of tools available, the way the front three/four/five press versus simply using the default pressing instructions in the TIs is great. To cut a long story short, the original idea relates to "can you hog possession with intent". Can you still create lots of chances and be 'attacking' while keeping the ball. Well... Cautious mentality, away from home, my first season in the Premiership, against a team it took my 9 attempts to beat...
  7. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thoughts? An explanation? Should I post in the Bugs Forum? Is this too many questions to ask my own thread?
  8. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it's a silly question on my part, but I'm noticing what I think is contradictory movement of a player when his PPMs are applied to the position I'm playing him in. I have loanee who can play ML, MR, AML, AMR and I'm playing/retraining him as a WBL (A) to give that position a more attacking threat/bias. He's left-footed and has the PPM 'Cuts In From Right Wing' which I didn't think would influence him playing on the left-hand side too much (if at all) given that he's (essentially) a left-footed left-winger. Now, the Player Instruction screen for his position says his PPM contradicts the (WBL) role instructions (specifically Runs Wide With Ball) but I can't see why it would. He's not playing on the right, he's left-footed and playing on the left, so why would they be in conflict? The game I suppose is correct when it says there's a conflict but when he gets the ball on the left, instead of going wide and onto his stronger foot he dribbles inside. I.e. he cuts inside from the left wing onto his weaker foot. It's not the Cuts Inside from Both Wings PPM he has but specifically "...From the Right Wing" so why would that influence his behaviour on the opposite side? Is that PPM influential enough that it affects his play even on his 'strongest' side?
  9. This is reminiscent of a system I used a few versions ago, the only real difference was I had my left-back as attacking as I wanted each line's (A) duties to be asymmetric (if that makes sense). I've tweaked my National League South save to be similar to this and seen a real turnaround in results so thank you for the timely update on how simple a 4-4-2 setup can be and still work. You're right about the DLP(D), it's particularly effective in this type of system.
  10. Just started my third season with Salisbury FC, my fifth in total in the challenge. Last season we won the first seven games of the season and remained top until Christmas, before faltering in the New Year and eventually finishing seventh and losing in the Play-Off Semi. Similarly, we've started this season with three wins out of three but this time without conceding a goal and looking fairly comfortable compared to last season's winning run where we conceded a goal in each game. I'm trying to stick to a new back-to-basics, don't over think things policy. Moved away from a Structured setup and use Fluid with 'More Disciplined' ticked, and rotate between a 4-4 (f*cking) 2 and a 4-1-4-1. I've stopped trying to be clever or idealistic, and sticking to systems that play to the strengths of my better players - I have two quick and effective wingers, so both systems have attacking wingers included. My new Left Back is also quick so both setups involve him supporting or overlapping the left-winger My DCs aren't brilliant, but I now have a big, solid DMC hence the use of a 4-1-4-1 to help protect them. Traditionally I like my GK to roll it out so we always start with the ball, but it's Tier Six, so he's now instructed to kick it long over the opposition defence. No messing about. My best striker, also very quick, doesn't have brilliant technical skills but makes an excellent defensive forward, so that's what he is My previous system relied on an Advanced Playmaker but didn't have much of a Plan B (or alternative for the role) if he didn't perform) So far, so good, and I now find playing more easier if I have a process to stick to.
  11. I had something similar, where I got to January/February and my table-topping (and massively overachieving) side seemed to run out of gas, and wins started to dry up. I did my usual and started tinkering and experimenting with other formations without a great deal of success until ultimately coming back to the system that go me top in the first place...and lo and behold our form returns in time to secure a Play-Off position. Out of nowhere we smashed Maidenhead 0-5 to get to the Semi-Final but couldn't get past eventual Play-Off Winners Bath. As frustrating as this challenge or these slumps can be, i constantly have to remind myself that it wasn't until the fourth season that I actually managed to complete a season so finishing 7th after a pre-season prediction of 18th is pretty good...
  12. Now this I like... after signing a one year renewal last season, I'm in September and won 9 out of 11 league games so the board have just offered me a new two year deal. That's a nice feature.
  13. I have a player who has it and he's a bloody nightmare (even though he is as slow as a week in the jail). I suppose the effectiveness of the trait depends on a few factors, not least how well the opposition are pushing up and leaving players offside?
  14. Perhaps you're the only person that thinks they are good ideas?
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