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  1. Good to here SI have said this one is being looked at, came here to post about the same thing...
  2. Came on to post the same thing, see image as example
  3. In this formation, with no attack duty in midfield, I would be a bit more aggressive with your full-backs. Try this: LB as a wing-back support* so he naturally moves into the space behind your aggressive AML, and gives the BWM a passing option. RB as a full-back on attack* duty. He will attack/exploit the space left by the AMR and give the MC and the AMR an out-ball. *perhaps even as CWB(S) on the left and WB(A) on the right, depending on how aggressive you want to be or dominant you expect to be in each game. By playing an HB and with two support duties in front of
  4. I play a similar system at the moment and came at it from the same place - a simple but effective 433 - and I play an IW(A) on the left but a Winger (S) on the right. The Winger is there to stay wide and keeps the space open for the CM(A) to break into alongside or ahead of the centre-forward (usually a Pressing Forward on support). In terms of the posts above about the left/right footers in the IW position, by default I use a right-footer on the left because there is space within the system for him to cut into and he then leaves space for my left back (usually a WB(S)) to move into but a
  5. As per every question asked in the official podcast, the actual answer to your question is "well, it depends..." Further to the advice above, you say gaps they "may leave"... are you seeing them leave gaps? If not, perhaps cover is already being provided? Usually it's about balance throughout, and actually it might be the CMs who provide the cover, depending on their roles (hence the advice about seeing the tactic as a whole).
  6. I find that (generally) now you have a senior affiliate, even if they don't offer you players they are more receptive to you loaning their players for free (wages). I've just had this same scenario with Celtic becoming my senior feeder, I was told which players might be available for loan but they didn't send any. I then asked for a player on loan and got him for free...I'm pretty sure that before the arrangement was in place I would have had to pay the wages (which I can't afford).
  7. I'm not playing at the same level as the teams in the rest of this thread, but having great fun with a possession dominating 433 with the following, very simple setup: GK - SK (D) RB - FB (S) CDs - CD (D) LB - WB (S) DM - DMC (D) CMR - CM (A) CML - CM (S) AMR - W(S) AML - IW (A) SC - PF (S) Balanced mentality, shorter passing, more disciplined. Higher DLine and LOE. Counter-Press on. GK distributes to full-backs. The DMC and the CML, while not playing as playmakers, dictate the play. How the team plays and keeps possession depends o
  8. Hello mate, not sure where you got your facepacks from (and apologies if you know this already) but that picture of Ben Seymour is actually Jack Sparkes...
  9. I don't know if this is too difficult to code - and I don't know how many people actually use the player swapping option - but something I've wanted to see included for some time is the ability for a player to swap position with more than one other player/position. I.e. if I'm playing a 4-2-3-1, could the AML swap with the AMR or the AMC or the SC to help create a more fluid setup? If I play a 4-3-3, the front three could all rotate like Man Utd's did as explained in this article: Teams of the Decade #3: Manchester United 2006-09 | Zonal Marking
  10. I tend to play on Comprehensive Highlights but I think I'm going to have to start weaning myself off and move to Key and Extended if I'm going to make progress through the seasons. As this is my save for trying new things then there's no excuse really!
  11. So I’ve decided to start again – again – but this time away from a league/country I know and continue my aims in FM21 of trying new things and breaking old habits. Inverurie Locos are on hold while I try the challenge in Serbia, with Serbian First League team FK Smederevo 1924, based on the banks of the Danube about 45kms from Belgrade (images to follow if I can remember). Decent sized stadium and adequate youth recruitment so lots of potential for progression. It has turned out to me a more interesting challenge than expected (especially when I actually read the rules properly) –
  12. This is a dig at you as such, but maybe he didn't want to play for you or his agent didn't like you? Or he might have a local connection to the team he signed for (if that's a thing in the game)?
  13. It's the line "Not once have I seen somebody say that Brexit benefitted their game and it has worked out better" that did it for me. Absolute comedy gold.
  14. I'm usually pretty good at picking up satire and I must admit this one took me a while to realise it couldn't possibly be genuine. A really good effort, well done. I particularly enjoy the bit where you think Brexit - a scheme designed to restrict access to the UK by those from abroad - is going to somehow benefit a football league obsessed with signing foreigners. Really, really, good comedy writing. I'll be keeping an eye on future posts for more of your stuff, keep up the good work!
  15. Does it have a large screen in the corner? I've started as Inverurie Locos (after they won the Play-Off) and sure enough we have a great big screen in one corner...
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