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  1. Checked now on patch 20.4 became better with 35 fps compared to 4 fps. I think if you make it to 60 it will be perfect.
  2. @EdL Lags occur when the fps jumps when the cursor moves. I wrote about it here (videos are present):
  3. Why not enter the "V-Sync" option in the graphics settings? People would choose how much fps they need. Lags in the menu are still present though less ( I'm sure that the fps here affects)
  4. @Jack Joyce Now with the patch 20.2.4 instead of 4 fps in the menu 25 and the feeling is better, but it does not hold up to the feeling as at 60.
  5. Patch 20.2.3 fixed a bug. Thanks! P.S Lags in the menu still remain please check this
  6. I uploaded Man City.fm the Black faces of the generated players are mostly when the loading save
  7. Possible fix of crash has somehow affected it. I have in ME 54-55 fps (lags under this there) although should be steadily 60.
  8. Patch 20.2 fixed lags when moving on the screen. Lags in the menu still remain. There were no changes in patch 20.2.1.
  9. It remains to fix the lags in the menu with a static screen and everything will be as before 20.1
  10. The video shows that a sharp jump in fps when moving the mouse and decrease on a static screen cause lags. With stable fps everything was smooth. fm 04-12-2019 23-34-46.mp4 fm 04-12-2019 23-35-25.mp4
  11. And yes, in the player profile is also the found.
  12. Have all from whom lags in menu and in ME propose a write in this thread. I think it's more likely that the problem will be noticed.
  13. I apologize in advance for my poor english. Already wrote in other threads, but decided to describe the problem in more detail in a separate thread. The lags started with patch 20.1 before that everything was smooth Patch 20.2 fixed bugs only when moving on the screen (ME, loading Screen, loading days) In my opinion lags occur when fps jumps when there is movement on the screen and when the screen is static Offer to return the stability of fps with static screen as it was before the patch 20.1 At the bottom of the video show the lags on mouse hover fm 04-12-2019 23-34-46.mp4 fm 04-12-2019 23-35-25.mp4
  14. The problem is the screen partner of the club resolved in the 20.2 patch but remained in the profile of the club and the manager.
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