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  1. @Jack Joyce Now with the patch 20.2.4 instead of 4 fps in the menu 25 and the feeling is better, but it does not hold up to the feeling as at 60.
  2. Patch 20.2.3 fixed a bug. Thanks! P.S Lags in the menu still remain please check this
  3. I uploaded Man City.fm the Black faces of the generated players are mostly when the loading save
  4. Possible fix of crash has somehow affected it. I have in ME 54-55 fps (lags under this there) although should be steadily 60.
  5. Patch 20.2 fixed lags when moving on the screen. Lags in the menu still remain. There were no changes in patch 20.2.1.
  6. It remains to fix the lags in the menu with a static screen and everything will be as before 20.1
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