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  1. FM20 continuously keeps crashing after games, Never had this in over 10 years of playing, Simply the worst & most frustrating Football manager ever, Is there a solution for this? And I’ve tried all the other tips
  2. Any fix on this? Been waiting 4 days for a solution, Put my Belarc yesterday & still no reply back.
  3. No I can’t start the game in quick start either, Also in my save that I can play (from beta) game crashes after matches...How do I do a belarc report?
  4. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes & still the game will not load beyond the 2nd screen when (setting up league & cup comps) starting a new game....Any other suggestions?
  5. I tried it with the full version and still the same outcome, I’ve also uninstalled it & reinstalled it and it still crashes at the same point. My original save still works fine though
  6. I can no longer start a new game as it freezes on the 2nd screen (setting up league & cup competition). Worked perfect the first time I started the game
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