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  1. The issue is when they have better options. Like 3 vs 1 with an unmarked man in the centre, and they always shoot on the side of the net. Your situation is normal.
  2. It's wrong if this happens as soon as you start the career and you have no control. You should at least have time to renew their contracts. It happened to me too. with my best young player in Serie A, and it ruined everything for me.
  3. Holy cow, they were not. Now it's working! Thank you very much for the help!
  4. It's the same for me. I've played around 80 hours and right now the ME is broken. Wide players shoot all the time (on the side of the net) and almost no through ball from the centre. Tried with different teams and players. Still i found a way to win (just need to avoid wingers/fullbacks in that portion of the pitch) but it's taking all the fun away.
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