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  1. Completely agree with you man. Its looking very ominous. Woodgate is completely out of his depth. Good luck to you too man. Always like to see Darlo do well.
  2. Dude i'm a Boro fan and tried starting with us. Our team is *****, we have no money and Gibson wants us in Play Offs first season. I started a new save with Malaga and have just been promoted. Boro can go to hell this year like haha. Very realistic though
  3. Okie doke man. Thank you for the help. Good to know its not just my pc when it comes to the graphics
  4. Hello, i'm new to posting stuff like this to a community, so please bare with me. I'm sure, or at least hope that these problems have already been addressed but i need to know if anyone else is having the same problems. Penalties are a massive issue in game. I'm getting 7 per game nearly every game and it needs to be fixed. Player Morale seems broken. I will win a match 4 - 0, everyone is on superb morale. 3 days go by, nothing happens and they are all on okay moral for some reason. My match day engine just lags to death and my settings say that my graphics card is a 1 star rating, even though i have GeForce GTX 1080 ti updated. There are a lot of sound bugs in the match day engine too. I'm not too sure if this will be read by the people that need to see this. It said "report bug" i created an account and wound up here.
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