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  1. Hello and sorry for the late response... I updated my graphics driver and that solved the issue, so apparently it was a driver issue. However , now when I start the game, even though I have NVIDIA card selected to run FM, and very high settings, the graphics look very pixelated. I play in 2D and whenever I get into the first game, the quality is very low. When I change my preferences (f.e. from very high to high ) it's ok! That happens every time. @Jimmy WongI have those folders. If there's anything else you might need, please ask! Thanks again!
  2. Sorry if that's already asked, but any idea if this fix will be save game compatible or require a new save?
  3. Oh wow, quick update (sorry for that). Just changed my graphic settings and switched FM20 from NVIDIA to Integrated Graphics and it worked! So maybe an NVIDIA issue?
  4. Hello! When I try to start Football Manager 2020 Beta, the game starts in full screen mode, but after some seconds (and even before the FM logo appears), it stops running. Steam goes from "STOP" to "PLAY", with no error message or something. I've tried so far: - Adding FM to my anti-virus white list or even disabling it. -Uninstall / Reinstall -Clear cache / preferences -Verify file integrity -Restart and try again Any ideas on why this is happening and how can it be solved? This issue was going on till Friday, but after restarting my PC I was able to play. Friday till no
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