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  1. Yes that’s why I think the 4411 could be as nice to use in the rotation with the Tequilacousin
  2. Hi @RDF Tactics I would like to play in 4411 with the Real betis using a 4411 from Knap. What modifications would you advise me to use? Are you gonna make a tweak of a Knap 4411?
  3. @RDF Tactics With Bournemouth, were you using a tactic for the big away games ?
  4. @RDF Tactics First game with your tactics! And I can say that the result is just incredible for my team! I used the first half of your tactics with Liverpool and then the one you used with Bournemouth
  5. @RDF Tactics So you removed "tackle harder" from all the players, right?
  6. Hi @RDF Tactics Is that the same tactic you used to play with Bournemouth?
  7. Really impressive these results with Bournemouth! Looking forward to testing this tactic
  8. Hi @Meraklija Vujevic, Is it possible to test your new 3412 tactic, please? PS: I love your work, keep it up !
  9. @knap The Mississippi tactic of malte722 has no download link in google docs
  10. Hi @malte722, is it possible to test your version of Mississippi’s Knap tactics?
  11. Hi @knap, I wanted to test your tactic "FM20.4 Venom&Faith 442 Vol2 P104" but with a very small modification: I transformed the Box to box into a mezzala. And I can say that the results were really impressive! The only disappointment is the elimination in the quarter-final of UCL by Barcelona !
  12. @RDF Tactics Thank you very much because for now the results are really good!
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