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  1. The feedback about Fm20 sounds exactly the same as that of Fm19.
  2. I can barely see much difference between FM 20 and Fm 19. Looks more like a slightly better version of Fm 19.
  3. There was no box to untick. Anyway I updated graphics drivers, cleared the cache and preference folder. Shut down my PC, launch again and the little box appeared for me to tick. All is good again. Thanks for your help.
  4. Suddenly after launching Fm 19, I have this privacy policy pop up that ask me to my choice for matchday advertising hoardings and my age. No matter what I select, I am unable to click the continue button hence i am unable to load any game. Am I missing something or how do I get around this? Thanks.
  5. I find the new 19.2 much improved. More variety of types of goals, no longer do I have 3 players pressing the opposition and suddenly my AMC is scoring a lot more goals.
  6. So the public beta has ongoing changes but the full game ME is fixed?
  7. Sorry if this is a silly question but what is the difference between the public beta and the full game match engine? Are they different? Is one 'better' than the other? Thanks
  8. Same feeling over here. Just wonder how to get my strikers to do better in 1 on 1 situations compared to in FM 17. Any recommendations?
  9. Through balls are not so common in my game, but when I do get it with Dortmund, Paco Alcacer who has good stats and i regard as an above average striker often shoots it straight at the keeper or high and wide. Very rarely do I seem to see goals scored 1 on 1 with the keeper whereas in real life especially with top class players they don't miss the chances often. I recall seeing youtube video of Fm 19 (beta i think) of players even going round the keeper which was so impressive but I have yet to see that in my game. Does anybody also feel the same? Do only the really worldclass strikers in the game like Ronaldo/Messi etc have the same problem? Was it better in the beta?
  10. Well and truly deserved for his effort, sensible and balanced views.
  11. I do hope the good people are reading your posts sincerely because you really have put in a lot of effort, time and passion into wanting a better FM for everybody. Great work.
  12. Thanks Mensell76. A bit confused here between ME update and Beta update. Are we not playing now the full ME or just an beta update? BTw i have read a few of your posts and they make very good sense with the state of the ME and Fm19. keep it up, let's hope the ME gets fine tuned to a better state.
  13. The irony, FM 19 beta seemed to have largely good reviews from those who had played the game except that there were too many goals from crosses , not enough through balls and injuries. Now with the full game out it seems that there are more groans over the full game than the beta that the players are unable to cross the ball and they seem to just wait to be tackled instead of crossing and the issue with the AMC and through balls is yet to be fixed. Hopefully things get ironed out with a patch or an update and we don't have to wait too long for it. Going by history can we expect an update in a week or 2?
  14. Okay everybody has to wait a little longer before kickoff at 00.01 GMT.
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