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  1. Thanks for checking, Kyle. I realized which league was the problematic one and removed it from the game. And now I have at least managed to play a week into 2024, so hopefully the save will continue.
  2. Bummer Can you see which league is problematic? I have played longer than 2024 with other league loaded from the same databases
  3. My game crashes when I try to progress to January 1st 2024 in game. I'm playing in the Japanese top league and just won the cup, so am looking forward to try the AFC Champions League Latest crash dump is uploaded here: have also tried to start the save from a week earlier, but it still crashes. Also tried holidaying over the New Year, but that also crashed. I have deleted cache and preferences and verified game files for the crash dump attached here. The save file is uploaded to SI Cloud Service and is called "Hexagon challenge.fm" Crash occurs between December 31st 2023 and
  4. Nevermind. I deleted all of the old data files and now it's working again. Just won't change the font size again
  5. I can't load the game anymore. When I open it, it's just stuck indefinitely on the last loading loading screen (the one with the picture of the players going to the tunnel) The game crashed after I tried to change the font sizing (or might be called font zooming) - I wanted to change it from 100% to 95% - and then the game crashed and won't reload. I'm pretty sure it would work again, if I could somehow just open the game again with the default settings. Is there any possibility of this? Otherwise, maybe it would work with the default skin, but I'm not sure how to change back to the d
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