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  1. Hello Glenn, It will not effect our leaderboard points right ? cuz in game, it looks like making changes with in-game editor eheheh
  2. Please put this ''dribbling'' attribute in 2. place again. If you have to put them in alphabetical order, dont translate dribbling to Turkish. It makes looking at player profiles slower cuz we got used to see it in 2. place in order
  3. If you begun your save before 20.1.0 patch, it will not be affected. Everything started with 20.1.0 patch, Nov 13th
  4. İ was using wannachup-instant result skin and i had same problem. but after i chose original dark skin, problem solved. Remove your third party skin if you are using and try again
  5. I wish there were another football simulation game like fm so that they could be more careful. This bug and attitude are disadvantage of being monopoly i guess
  6. Besides, i have a save which starts before this last update and i have only 3k players with "1"important matches (i used 120 k database in this save too and im in March 2020). So smth happened in this last update and it ruined the game.
  7. Mate i have 80 k players with "1" important match hidden attribute in 120 k database. Not only young players but also others who doesnt have determined attribute have 1 imp. Match attribute. Please fix it fast i hate when i see this red warning in coach/scout report
  8. In Turkish Super League, Gala and fenerbahce has ffp agreement. As i know, they should give you budget when 22-23 season starts. before that season you can spend only your yearly transfer income.
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