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  1. I hear what you're saying but this was never an issue with older versions ( I have over 4k hours throughout the games ) - The view-only leagues were in less detail and you couldn't manage teams there but they still count as "active". I'll try a new save with multiple playable nations and try for a 50k DB to test things.
  2. I'm facing the exact same problem. It's usualy just Udinese ( I'm not in Italy ) interested in my players for a bit but never bids, even when I transfer-list a few. Noone wants them ( 2nd year ) and there's always the warning: "Difficult to find a club due to salary demands" - And it's players with 500k-800k / year salaries with a decent first season and good value ( and decent rep ). No one wants them, even for free or with salary paid by me! My DB is the usual I do, 2 leagues playable, 13 in view only and a large custom db with 63k players loaded.
  3. Regarding AEK: - Shouldn't Machairas be due to be club homegrown at the end of the 20/21 season? He joined at 18 and he'll be 3 years at the club ( Same like how Radonja will be due in 2023 ) - Again on the same player, will he be getting any boost? In game his PA ceiling seems too low ( based on subjective stars rating ) and his CA reflects a player that wouldn't even play at SL 2
  4. I wasn't sure if this is a bug but I've been searching around the web, found similar issues reported, but nothing much on SI forums so I registered a new account to talk about this. It seems that it is impossible to upgrade the English "Youth level" since FM 2019 and I'm seeing this in the current beta game I'm running with Leeds United. The board has agreed 6 (!!!) times ( currently Sept 2021 in game ), it's always the same "At the end of the season" message, yet I'm still at the 2nd Youth Level. I have done this upgrade successfully in older FM iterations ( I'm a veteran with over 3000
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