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  1. download the compressed version. I had the same problem and this worked for me
  2. YES RUCI YOUR THE MAN, thank you, now my football manager save can start for real
  3. To scout and to get rid of my chairman when he sucks ( just like in my current save where he is putting my team in more and more debt each month
  4. They look really good, can't wait for it to be released. Are there going to be any new features or its just same as the last release of FMRTE? Either way I will be happy when it is released.
  5. playing football manager is so much harder without fmrte . Can't wait it to be out and I wish I was a one of your testers
  6. thank you ruci so much and extra thank you for the chairman status
  7. I remember I had a player called Tariq Nabil in my palace game in 03/04(or was 01/02) and he was absolute superstar scoring 20 to 30 goals a game and even winning FIFA world player of the year. Does anyone know what happened to him
  8. With the new update on fmrte do they have these options 1. U can make yourself a club legend and 2. To make chairman want to leave or make him love the club and if these are not in the editor then ruci can u please add this to the game
  9. Ruci can add a feature where you can change what the chairman thinks of the club so e.g. So if the chairman loves the club we can change it to he is looking at offers and if you can't do that then could you add the feature where we can change board and club and fans confidence. So can please do these as a lot of people will like this
  10. diego everytime i buy him on on one of the championship managers or football managers he is great
  11. h evryone i have jsut found this thread as i do not go on to the tactics section that much anyways i have some questions. 1) what is the latest version 2) Is the latest version the best version if not what is 3)can someone give me a link to the latest/best version or what page it is 4)and should I do all the instructions that are said on the first page or is that just to do with that version
  12. i would like more player interaction such as encouraging players to take up citizenship, On editor to make leagues and countries, making the AI clubs more active, this is not for me but my younger brother plays the game a lot but he is not that good so what about different differcult setting so like easy, medium and hard
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