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  1. Recently I reopened an old-ish long term save of mine. You know the one, the "Im going to try and win silverware with an entirely homegrown squad" one which always runs out of steam sooner or later. In came the next youth Intake but not being happy with what I was given I decided to look outside the country and scouting the Bundesliga I found myself a nice gem. Physically gifted, strong and tall but not slow and with a good jump, the kind of player that bullied the other team's kids while in the academy because he happened to hit a growth spurt first and has everyone joking about "his rea
  2. Python Strategy Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian became the chess world champion in 1963 when he was 34 years old. He was nicknamed Iron Tigran because of his solid style of play and his capacity to snuff out danger long before others realised the danger was there. Efim Geller (One of the strongest chess players during the 60s and 70s) once said that winning the societ championship came easier to him than winning a single game against Petrosian. Chess players then and today misunderstood Petrosian and saw him as a weak player that only won because he refused to take risks, they saw
  3. sorry for the lack of updates, sadly I have a lot of things to do at the moment and and haven't had time for Football Manager, so I will go on a temporary hiatus.
  4. There is a book called Pep Confidential written by Martin Perarnau detailing Pep's first season at Bayern Münich. It offers quite a lot of insight into his methods and phylosophy although it is a little biased and not as unfiltered as Perarnau will have you believe. There is also a very nice site called Spielverlagerung.com with in depth analysis of matches and teams focusing on the bundesliga. You will find several articles and essays on Guardiola's Bayern there. You can also try to find information on the bigger german version of the site, if you don't know german just have google trans
  5. I am going to talk a bit about China and the national squad. This was my first game with Team Dragon and although I was facing an inferior 11 I was a little nervous. Would the Overloading 433 work with players less familiar with the tactic? I don't have much choice for the Raumdeuter, Should I use Wu Lei on the left? if so, who do I trust most as a winger? Do I go for the slightly more solid keeper or the slightly better at distributing one? The midfield was easier to choose as was the defence and the central striker but the attacking midfielders gave me a headache. China has quite an ag
  6. This is going to be my main tactic for the very first season in charge of Beijing and China. It is a more refined version of my original 4141 from my very first friendly. The goal of the tactic is still the same, overload the right flank to create 1 vs 1s on the left flank. After all you can't ask the current Chinese rightbacks to stop players like Cédric Bakambu or Jonathan Viera. However I was not happy with our behaviour when not in possession so I tried to have my team be more engaged when defending. Sweeperkeeper Defend/Support: I am playing a highline so I am using a sweeperkee
  7. To properly bring the ideas of the chinese school of chess into football we must first compare chess and football Chess is a turn based boardgame played in an 8x8 square grid. each player starts with 8 pawns, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 1 queen and 1 king. The goal of the game is to checkmate the opponents king but in praxis promoting a pawn into a queen gives a player such a material advantage that most players capitulate if a pawn will inevitably promote. This two goals in praxis leads to two different kinds of players: Swashbuckling all or nothing attackers who go on especulative ki
  8. Liu Wenzhe in 2010 (one year before his death) The man in the photo will be unknown to most if not all of you, he is none other than Liu Wenzhe the first chinese chess player to beat a western grandmaster in a chess game. It happened in 1978, Mr. Wenzhe defeated his rival in a 20 move miniature (most chess games start by move 20), an agressive and unorthodox strategy answered by overly passive means led to this historic triumph for the man who would become the father of the Chinese Chess school. A chess school is a philosophy that regiments the way a player plays chess, until the sta
  9. My latest save file got corrupted. Not a horrible loss since I save often but I am going to use this "chance" to start a new project that has been on my mind. Will be rotating a season of each save.
  10. This second season saw us winning the premier league for the first time since 2004. we raised our goalscoring tally to 74 (4th in the season) and only conceded 27 goals (joint lowest in the season). This time it was a two man race between us and previous champions Liverpool. We have yet to win against Chelsea. We started the season struggling to score despite our solid defensive efforts so I gradually changed the 5-1-2-2 until it looked like this: I tailored the crosses for my strikers, told my team to be more expressive to exploit the intelligence and technical ability of my m
  11. If you don't have a clear idea in mind look at your players, compare them to the rest of the league. What are they good at? Are you a top tier team in the league or an underdog? From there on you can work out what kind of tactic is well suited for the team.
  12. Our goals are either headed crosses, shots from outside the penalty area or one on ones between the Keepers and a Complete Wingback attack . Although I will say that my chances are better than what the number of CCC I do feel our attacks could be better. I am currently experimeting with Whipped or Low crosses to see if there is an improvement to our offensive output. I also need to experiment with corners. We are getting a lot of corners in our favour but because I haven't really touched upon them I can't say I am happy with our execution.
  13. What kind of football do you want to play? The 4-4-2 and the 4-4-2 diamond might look similar but they are infact completely different formations that are better suited for different types of tactics
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