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  1. I had already followed the instructions previous to my initial post and I also did not play the game since my initial post, until yesterday. Yesterday, I played for a few hours and encountered no issues. Today, I updated the game to the latest patch and I played for a few hours. In the space of those few hours, the game crashed during the warm up at least 4/5 times. So in short, the issue still exists with the latest patch. I'm bitterly disappointed with this year's game. I shouldn't have to be saving my game every time I want to submit a team to progress to play a match, just incase it crashes. I don't imagine this issue being fixed any time soon, so sadly I think the FM series has come to an end for me.
  2. I am still getting the same memory warnings whilst the teams are "warming up". This has been affecting me since beta and is very frustrating because I find myself having to save before I submit the team every match just in case the game crashes. The amount of bytes being tried to allocate changes every time, sometimes it is 0 and there is no crash dumps. Some things that I have noticed is that every time the game crashes then firefox tabs, discord and/or spotify crashes at the same time, coincidence?? Whilst I have seen others have the same issue the latest patch seems to have fixed the issue for them. It continues to crash with or without graphics or skins (as this seems to be the generic answer to everything). This is really starting to annoy me now considering I have never really had many problems with FM in the past 9 years especially after full release.
  3. @samuellumentut Out of curiosity, I see from your initial screenshot that you use firefox browser, does any of your open tabs on firefox encounter an error and need to be restored after you get these crashes on FM? Every time my game crashes my tabs on firefox crashes too and/or my discord app restarts itself.. EDIT: I had the " DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVE " error once during beta, but never encountered it since.
  4. Unlikely, I also have this issue that started during beta and I have an nvidia GTX1060.
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